Foods For Anemia

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If your red blood cell count declines, it isn't good for your health. You need enough hemoglobin in your blood to stay healthy.

Iron deficiency could cause dizziness, weakness and could also cause fainting. Deficiency of folate, iron and vitamin B12 could cause many problems.

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Some symptoms of anemia could be pale skin, palpitations, tiredness, headache, cold, shortness of breath and sore tongue.

If you are anemic, it is better to monitor your red blood cell count and iron levels. Here are some remedies to follow after consulting your doctor.



Consume a teaspoon of spirulina daily. Mix its powder in a glass of water and drink it.

It is a type of algae and is said to have a healing effect. It offers vitamin B12, chlorophyll, iron, protein, and other nutrients that can make your blood healthy.


Vitamin B12

Get some vitamin B12 from eggs, fish, milk, and meat. Lack of vitamin B12 could also cause a type of anemia known as Pernicious anemia.

Vitamin B 12 can keep your red blood cells healthy.

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Citrus Fruits

You need citrus fruits as they offer Vitamin C which plays a role in helping your body absorb enough iron from the food you eat.

So, fill your plate with tomatoes, lemons, broccoli and bell pepper.



Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, peas, beans, bananas and oranges too.

When your blood suffers insufficient levels of folate, a condition known as folate-deficiency anemia might occur.

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Dry Fruits

Snack on dry fruits. Raisins, prunes and nuts offer iron. Also, beans and green veggies offer iron.

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