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How To Know If You Have Piles


Some health issues make daily life very difficult. Piles is one of them. When hemorrhoids get inflamed, it is known as piles.

What are hemorrhoids? They are clumps of tissue present in the anal canal. They contain muscle, blood vessels and elastic fibers. When inflammation occurs in this clump of tissue, it is called piles.

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It can occur both inside or outside the anus (internal and external piles). In some cases, medication is enough to cure it (proper hydration and fibre intake are necessary). But in other cases, a surgery may be necessary to remove piles.

How to know if you are suffering this condition? Here are some symptoms of piles.


Sign #1

The first sign is blood stains on the toilet paper. After passing bowels, if you notice those stains, consult a doctor immediately.


Sign #2

Bleeding while passing bowels is another sign. If you see drops of blood everyday in your stool, it could be piles.

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Sign #3

When you try to touch the anal area, if you are able to sense a lump of skin near the anus, it could be piles. Hemorrhoid lumps could cause pain.


Sign #4

Even after passing bowels, if you don't feel relieved, it could be another sign.

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Sign #5

Piles may also cause itchy sensation around the anal area. The skin in the anal area constantly feels irritated.


Sign #6

See if there is mucus discharge while passing bowels. That is another sign of piles.

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Sign #7

After a few days, the skin around the anus may turn red and sore. That is the point when even sitting could be painful! Consult a doctor if you see any of the above signs.

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