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How To Make Knees Lighter: Tips

By Asia Fathima

Having a healthy skin is desired by almost everyone. Women love to flaunt their skin, and would do almost anything to get the skin they love. While face is the top priority part for any woman, they do pay great attention and care towards other body parts too. Dark knee caps is something that is dreaded by most of the women and makes them worry about how to make knees lighter.

If you have darker skin on your knees, you would probably feel awkward or even conscious to go out in shorts or minis. It can make you feel uncomfortable and you may be wondering how to get lighter knees fast. There are various reasons why people have dark knees. While the most probable reason is genes, there are other factors such as climate, hygiene, sunlight, stress and friction that are responsible for dark knees.

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Getting rid of that dark patch on your knees is not at all tough. If you know the right tips and tricks about how to make knees lighter, then you can flaunt your knees in style and become worry free. Here are some tips to help you get rid of the dark skin on your knees.


Protect from Sun

If you live in a hot climate zone, then you need to use a good sunscreen for your knees. The harmful UV rays tend to make the skin on the knee section more dark.


Moisturize Daily

It is important to moisturize your knees daily in order to make it soft and smooth. Regularly moisturizing your knees with a cream with Vitamin E can help it repair and brighten up.


Use Coconut Oil

If you want to know how to get lighter knees fast, then you need coconut oil. Massage this oil regularly on the skin after a thorough cleaning to get rid of the darkness.


Exfoliate and Scrub

Using a good exfoliate can actually help you get rid of the dead skin accumulated on the knees and make it visibly fairer. You can go for a homemade exfoliate for better results on how to make knees lighter.


Almond Paste

Filled with Vitamin E, almonds can help you to get lighter knees fast and easy. Just grind some almonds and gently rub it on the desired knee area to help it repair and rejuvenate.


Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can be your answer to how to make knees lighter. Applying it regularly to the knees can provide them with the needed moisture, and help the skin become soft and lighter in texture.


Eat Healthy

Eating a healthy diet providing you a good dose of Vitamin E and A is an easy home remedy for getting lighter knees. It includes eating almonds, apricots, spinach, lettuce and carrots to mention a few.


Skin Whitening Creams

If you don't find any changes even after trying the home remedies to brighten your knees, you can consult your dermatologist and go for skin whitening creams or treatments. He/she can definitely help you on how to get lighter knees fast.

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