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How To Deal With Heel Pain

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How to deal with heel pain? If your heel starts paining after a day's work, there could many reasons behind it. It could be simply due to repetitive movements or calcium deficiency, or even due to wearing uncomfortable shoes.

It could also be due to too much of standing or sitting in an unhealthy posture that burdens the heel. Sometimes, even wearing high heels could spoil your day by giving you heel pain at the end of the day. So, identify the heel pain cause.

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Irrespective of the reason, if your heel pains when you reach home, you can first try certain simple heel pain remedies instead of trying a toxic painkiller which can come with side effects. Here are they:



After a tiresome day, if your heels hurt, the first thing to try is massage. Use your fingers to gently apply some pressure over the heel and calf muscles.

Apply pressure from one direction to the other. Start from the calf and move till the heel. Again start with the calf and repeat. Do it for 5-10 minutes.


Hot & Cold Treatment

If the pain is due to plantar fasciitis, you can try hot and cold water treatment. Take some cold water in a basin and hot water in another. Place your heel in cold water for 10 seconds and then shift it to the hot water. Again, repeat it for 10 times.

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Apply Ice

Place a few ice cubes in cloth and wrap it. Move it gently around the heel applying some pressure. Repeat for 5 minutes.



Lie on your back and sleep for a while. This will help your body work on the recovery of your heel pain. Also, this helps in reducing the pressure on your heels.

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Stand on your toes and stretch the feet a bit and release. Repeat this for 10 times and see if there is any improvement.


Try Oils

Several healing essential oils can speed up the recovery. Use peppermint oil or rosemary oil or eucalyptus oil for massage. But mix coconut oil or any other carrier oil in the essential oil before using.

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Consult A Doctor

If none of the above tips reduce pain, it is better to consult a doctor as it could be something serious.

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