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What To Do When We Cannot Doze Off Easily

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Sleeping recharges the brain and enhances your focus, awareness, and mood. Hence one should get seven to nine hours of sleep everyday. However, a growing number of people suffer from sleep-related disorders nowadays. The reasons may be stress, anxiety, nervousness, restless leg syndrome, bruxism, etc.

Sleep disorders are portrayed by irregular sleep patterns that interfere with physical, mental and psychological function. Sleeplessness is the clinical term for individuals who have trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, waking too soon in the morning, or waking up feeling drained.

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tips to sleep well

Studies also show that individuals with chronic insomnia are at high risks of developing a nervous disorder. The risks of insufficient sleep go way beyond tiredness. Sleeplessness might lead to inferior performance at work or school, higher risk of harm and health issues.

Sleep disorders in individuals can lead to heart problems, heart failure, irregular heart beat, myocardial infarction, high blood pressure level, stroke, diabetes mellitus and obesity.

tips to sleep well

If you find it difficult to go to sleep everyday, try relaxing your muscles before bedtime. Make bedtime smoothies with food rich in sleep hormones. Get some me time for yourself and do something that relaxes you before you go to sleep.

Find out at what temperature you sleep well and adjust the temperature in your room accordingly. Adjust the lights in your room so that it helps you sleep better.

tips to sleep well

Before you go to sleep, write down whatever is bothering you and the best possible solutions that you have to the problems. This declutters your mind and helps you sleep better.

Do not allow your pets into the bedroom. They have an altogether different cardiac rhythm that does not match with yours. Try some breathing exercises before going to sleep. Focus on your breath.

Routine workouts can help you sleep well. Yoga can be especially effective at reducing stress and anxiety. Calming music can lower your blood pressure level and unwind your body and mind.

tips to sleep well

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However, if you are facing chronic sleep disorder, visit a primary care doctor, mental medical expert or sleep disorder clinic. Treatment options include sleep medication and intellectual behaviour therapy, which help to establish and modify behaviours that perpetuate sleeping problems.

Treatment choices for a nervous disorder include cognitive behaviour therapy, as well as relaxation methods and medication. Your physician or therapist might recommend one or a mixture of both treatments.

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Story first published: Saturday, June 25, 2016, 21:30 [IST]
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