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Follow These Tips To Recover Fast After A Surgery; Exercise, Think Positive & Eat Healthy

By: Shubham Ghosh

Undergoing a crucial surgery is definitely not a pleasant experience, but recovering from that can be more painful and frustrating as well.

If the recovery process is not smooth, the healing might take longer, your mobility could get disrupted and there would be more chances of post-surgery complications.

But, there are certainly ways to make things better. If you take preparation for dealing with the post-surgery challenges even before undergoing it, life would be much smoother.

Here are certain exercises and basic health norms you can follow to recover from a surgery, irrespective of its nature:

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tips to quick recovery after surgery

1. Exercising After Surgery: This is very effective for a quick recovery, given you follow your doctor's prescription closely. For those who have undergone surgery in their knees, back, joints, shoulders, abdomen, heart, etc., post-surgery exercising makes their rehab process much easier.

In post-surgery exercising, ensure that you do not overstretch yourself, but also at the same time, try bits-and-pieces to take your body back to its original level of endurance.

Even walking at a brisk pace can help your post-surgery recovery. Exercising helps stabilise blood pressure, improves heart muscles and sheds unhealthy fats that might accumulate in your body during your days of stagnation as a bed-ridden surgery patient.

You can even prepare yourself for the post-surgery days by using small weights to better the condition of your muscles before the surgery. Better muscles will help you recover faster after the surgery, since their tissues will be in a better shape to undertake the repairing process.

tips to quick recovery after surgery

2. Prepare For The Post-surgery Period: Unless your surgery is required as an emergency, it is better to plan it well in advance (even by several months), so that you get an adequate time to plan and condition your body for the post-surgery rehab.

If you can utilise this time to shed extra kilos and replace it with healthy muscles, your recovery days will be much happier. It is also important to have a positive frame of mind, so that the stress and anxiety do not hinder your recovery.

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tips to quick recovery after surgery

3. Eating The Right Food: Having the right nutrients helps you heal faster. Eat a lot of probiotics, fibre, vitamins, minerals and protein before the surgery, particularly if it is related to any stomach organ.

The nutrients help fight the infection caused during or after the operation. Lean protein is a must to have healthy protein tissue. Concentrate on reducing salt and sugar intake before the surgery. Consume small portions of food more frequently.

tips to quick recovery after surgery

4. Take The Right Supplements: This is important so that your nutrient-rich body recovers faster after surgery. Multivitamins, zinc supplements and tonics are helpful in this regard.

However, supplements containing fish oil or garlic should be avoided, as they can hinder the healing process. Not all herb supplements are helpful during post-surgery. Consult your doctor on this.

tips to quick recovery after surgery

5. Taking Care Of Incision, Wounds, Scars, etc: This is a key aspect of post-surgery recovery. Have a look at your incision daily to spot if there is any infection. Early detection of an infection can help you avoid a lot of pain.

Always sanitise your hands before and after touching the incision area, so that no dirt can cause an infection. Dress your wound properly, so that it is clean, unless of course the doctor prescribes something else.

Wounds that are moist recover much faster. Make movements, including laughing or sneezing, slowly, so that the sudden jerk created doesn't hurt your healing wound.

Other things like preparing your house for your post-surgery recuperation, like keeping a comfortable chair or walking stick, will also make it more convenient for you during the post-operation days.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 6, 2016, 10:40 [IST]
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