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Simple Remedy To Stabilise Blood Sugar

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Though there are so many home remedies to cleanse kidneys, one of the easiest one among them is using okra or lady finger. This remedy can also deal with diabetes, asthma and cholesterol issues.

Simple Remedy To Stabilise Blood Sugar

Also, as okra is very low in calories, you can use it in your recipes to include it in your diet. The best thing about okra is that you can get its health benefits even when you consume it in any form.

Simple Remedy To Stabilise Blood Sugar2

You can eat it raw, cook it, boil it or eat it like a pickle- you can still enjoy the benefits. In a cup of okra, you can get 2 gm of protein, 7 gm of carbohydrates, 3 gm of fibre, 0.1 gm of fat, 30 calories, 60 mg of magnesium and 21mg of vitamin C.

Simple Remedy To Stabilise Blood Sugar3

If your cholesterol profile isn't good, include okra in your daily diet. If you have asthma issues, you can use okra to get some relief. Also, diabetes patients can use it regularly. If you wish to keep your blood sugar levels under control, here is a remedy using okra.

Simple Remedy To Stabilise Blood Sugar4

Cut 6 okras into pieces. Soak those pieces in a basin of water for a whole night. Next day, after you wake up, drink the water before you eat anything else. This could keep your sugar levels under control and also minimise your cravings.

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