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How To Get Rid Of Intestinal Worms

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We are surrounded by all kinds of microorganisms and parasites that are just waiting to invade and affect us. Fortunately, your immune system has been defending you every moment. However, sometimes, these parasites can still make their way into your system.

Do you know how intestinal parasites get into your system? Well, poor hygiene could be one reason, though there are many other reasons responsible for it. Second, even dirty food and water can help these worms get an easy access to your system.

Some examples of parasites that invade your body are roundworms and tapeworms. When they further breed in your body, they may result in serious health conditions.

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Why are these parasites called intestinal parasites? Well, they prefer living near the intestines. They can easily invade and breed in your body, especially when your immune system is weak.

Are there any symptoms that indicate parasite invasion in your body? Yes, there are. Symptoms such as diarrhoea, fatigue, nausea, dysentery, rectal irritation, worms in bowels and sudden weight loss can indicate the presence of intestinal parasites.

Is there any treatment for intestinal parasites? Though there are certain medicines to treat the condition, let us discuss about some of the home-made remedies for treating intestinal parasites, which have less side effects on the body.


Papaya Seeds

Though you hate the taste of papaya seeds, try eating them raw, if you are suffering from intestinal parasites. This remedy is sure to work.



As soon as you get up in the morning, grind 2 cloves of garlic into a thin paste and mix it in a glass of water and drink it. Also, make garlic a part of your everyday diet. As garlic is rich in medicinal properties, the problem can be controlled up to an extent.



Consume almonds every morning for 10 days for an effective result. They can control the growth and function of the intestinal parasites. Do try this remedy.


Aloe Vera

Consume 2 teaspoons of aloe vera juice, once a day, for 7 days. It works well when it comes to getting rid of intestinal parasites.



We all know that pineapple contains bromelain. This enzyme plays an important role in getting rid of parasites. Eat a few slices of pineapple for a week to try this remedy.


Pumpkin Seeds

Consuming pumpkin seeds can help flush out parasites from your system. This is one of the best remedies for intestinal worms.



Grind an onion to juice and consume a couple of spoons once a day for 10-15 days. If you are suffering from tapeworms or other intestinal parasites, this remedy may work well.

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