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Want A Toned Back Like Disha Patani? Try These 8 Exercises That Target Your Back Muscles

Disha Patani has always aced workouts with ease. From mastering the art of kickboxing and Pilates to dancing and yoga, she has come a long way in building her fit and fabulous body.

She doesn't miss her gym sessions and focuses mostly on weight training. She focuses on every part of the body which is why she tries out new exercises.

Here are some of the exercises that she does to tone and strengthen her back.

1. Pullover cable

The pullover cable exercise is a great way to work on the upper back muscles and the upper body as well. The largest muscle in the back called the latissimus dorsi is used more when you do the pullover cable exercise. This exercise works on your core muscles and strengthens your arms [1] .

2. Close grip front lat pulldown

It is an effective exercise that not only just works on your latissimus dorsi muscles but also increases the strength of the entire back. Close grip front lat pulldown also helps in working your arms, shoulders, abs, and middle back muscles [2] .

3. Seated cable row

This compound exercise aids in developing the back muscles and the forearms. It particularly works on the latissimus dorsi, biceps, triceps, upper arm muscles, hamstrings and gluteus maximus. Seated cable row is also performed for developing strength.

4. Deadlift

Deadlift is a great exercise that works on all the major muscle groups including the lower back, upper neck muscles, middle neck muscles, abs, side abs, upper inner back muscles right below your neck, butt, and inner thighs [3] .

5. Standing cable pullover

It is an exercise that builds size and strength in the back and chest while improving core stabilization. It works on the major muscles including the latissimus dorsi, triceps, pectoralis major, pectoralis minor and abdominal muscles.

6. One-arm dumbbell row

The one-arm dumbbell row exercise helps build a wide, thick and powerful back. It assists in developing thickness in your entire back muscles including the upper, middle, and lower back muscles. The exercise works in widening and thickening your back muscles at the same time.

7. Pull-ups

Pull-ups is another exercise that helps in building a stronger back. It primarily involves the latissimus dorsi muscles. Performing pull-ups every day will tone your back and strengthen it.

8. High cable crunch

High cable crunch is a highly effective exercise to work on the strength of your abs, mainly the upper and middle area. The exercise helps in keeping your arms strong.

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