What Is Nordic Diet? Know More About The New Fad

By Anshum Joshi

Nordic diet can be summed up in one line as a diet of herbs, fish, root vegetables, whole grains, and berries. Now the question is why Nordic diet is the new cool among the fitness freaks? Answer to this lies in the fact that it promotes traditional food and drinks, like Nordics do. It includes food from the countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland which are called Nordic countries, giving it this name.

The diet is not much old with its development in the year 2004 by some of the nutritionists in the Northern hemisphere. The purpose was to check the increasing obesity rate and unsustainable farming. After it became popular in Nordic countries, it eventually gained recognition in the West as well. Just like Nordics are among some of the happiest people on the planet, Nordic diet is also believed to be an ultimate gateway to happiness. Nutritionists not only suggest Nordic diet for weight loss but also to feel joyful and alive.

What is Nordic diet?

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Before You Plunge Into Nordic Diet

Before beginning the Nordic diet, there are a few things that need your attention. You must prepare your taste buds to completely forget about processed meat, sugar, and fast food. Also, it is not a no-workout diet that one can sit back, keep check on food intake and the goal is achieved. On the contrary, it requires equal efforts in exercising as it requires efforts in watching the food intake. It's not just the diet that changes in Nordic diet, but also the lifestyle and the way food is consumed. One must take three meals a day as a mandate with in-between snacks of fruit and vegetables. Overeating and starving should be strictly avoided; at the same time one must not eat when not hungry. 

Basic Principles Of Nordic Diet

The foremost principle of Nordic diet is eating as natural food as possible. Emphasis is given on seasonal vegetables, whole grains, and berries. One must cook at home by watching the ingredients and using few spices. This prevents the loss of nutrients by less processing of food. Eating less at a time is the key that helps in keeping check on the weight. The use of canola oil also prevents overeating which is one of the causes of obesity and acidic reflux. It also requires one to eat with family and friends on a daily basis, which is believed to add positivity in life.

How Is Nordic Diet Different From Mediterranean Diet?

Both Mediterranean and Nordic diets are similar in many aspects, but still there exist some noticeable differences. The Nordic diet uses canola oil instead of olive oil that is used in the Mediterranean diet. In addition to the monounsaturated fats, canola oil also contains omega-3 fatty acid, thus having more advantage over the Mediterranean diet. Except for the berries, other fruit are not included in Nordic diet because of their unavailability in the northern hemisphere, whereas they are given equal importance as herbs in the Mediterranean diet. Also, Mediterranean diet allows sporadic meat and sweets while Nordic diet tends to completely exclude sweets and prefer only unprocessed meat.

Benefits Of Nordic Diet

Nordic diet has enough benefits to be a part of a healthy living. This is the budget diet. It is suitable for those who want to maintain a healthy eating pattern but at the same time cannot spend too much. Nordic diet is the one for them. It requires one to cook than depending on the processed food which means you not only watch what you are eating but you are also preparing it in a healthy manner. Since berries form one of the staple foods of Nordic diet, eating plentiful berries helps in reducing weight, improving blood pressure and lowering the risk of heart attack. The Nordic diet is environment friendly, which means it produces less pollution. It also reduces fuel consumption and food waste as it includes more of the natural ingredients and resources. It also has its benefits on brain cells as it helps in improving the memory and even fighting the Alzheimer's disease.

Nordic Diet Recipes

Some of the quick Nordic recipes are always good to start with. Being easy to prepare, they tend to keep one motivated while following the Nordic diet. Caramelised rye and oatmeal with milk are one of the favourites for one first meal of the day, breakfast. To make your breakfast feel fuller, you can add home-baked bread and berries, such as bilberries and rose hip. Seafood like mackerel or smoked salmon, and boiled broccoli with potato can easily satisfy your lunch-time hunger. Root vegetables such as beetroot and turnips with Brussels sprouts can also be another option for the day meal. To keep the supper light and simple, wheat bread and cruciferous vegetables like cabbage are some of the best options.

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