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Alia Bhatt's Birthday: Her Workout And Diet Plan

Alia Bhatt, the bubbly and chirpy actress of Bollywood, is just a few films old. She forayed into Bollywood with her debut film 'Student of The Year'. She grabbed everyone's eyeballs in the film where she lost weight tremendously from weighing 68 kilos.

She started her fight to lose the extra flab to become leaner and beautiful. Alia Bhatt religiously goes to the gym and trains 3-4 days a week, which comprises of cardio and weight training. Her journey to weight loss is a combination of hard work and consistency.

Today, on her 25th birthday, we will reveal details of her diet and fitness secrets.

Have a look at Alia Bhatt's workout and diet plan below.

Alia Bhatt's Yoga Exercises

The actress is very fond of yoga, especially Asthanga yoga. She also likes to perform anti-gravity yoga asanas like the sirsasana and other yoga exercises like chakrasana, bhujangasana, surya namaskar, pranayama, meditation, etc.


Alia Bhatt's Exercise Routine

Alia Bhatt's fitness formula is a mix of cardio, yoga, weight training and dance. Her workout routine mainly comprise of altitude training, weight training, beach running, kick-boxing, circuit training and swimming.

Alia goes to the gym three or four times in a week and performs cardio exercises every day for 40 minutes. She is a fitness freak but not a lover of gym.

Alia calls herself the 'Pilates Girl' and trains under the celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala. She loves doing pilates because it challenges her core strength, shoulder strength and stability.


Alia Bhatt's Diet Plan

Alia Bhatt lost a lot of weight to get into shape. She eats eight small portion of meals a day and her diet plan includes nutrient-dense foods such as oatmeal, papaya, fresh salads and acai berries.

She keeps herself from eating refined foods like sugar, carbohydrates, oil and junk foods. She swears by the low-carb, high-protein diet and includes a lot of fibre-rich foods such as oats, fresh fruits, salads, yogurt, etc.

Alia starts her day with a cup of hot herbal tea or coffee without sugar, a bowl of poha or an egg sandwich. For lunch, she eats roti and vegetable curry; for the evening snack, she eats a bowl of fruits and for dinner, she eats one roti without oil, or a bowl of rice with dal and vegetables or roasted chicken.


Alia Bhatt's Favourite Foods

Alia Bhatt refrains from having junk food, but she keeps one day in a week to binge on chocolates, noodles or chaats.

To detox her body, she has doodhi juice, sprouts and lime water.


Alia Bhatt's Fitness Tips

  • Eat everything in moderate quantities
  • Drink plenty of water
  • No sugar
  • Proper rest is necessary
  • Skip oily foods
  • Include fibre-rich foods
  • Have your dinner 2 hours before going to bed
  • Cardio is the best exercise to burn calories
  • Avoid soft drinks and white rice
  • Diet should be full of fresh veggies
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