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    10 Crazy Weight Loss Tips That Really Work!

    By Chandana Rao

    A popular quote on weight loss goes like this, "The body achieves what the mind believes". Most of us can agree with this quote, right?

    That is because, we all know that attaining any goal requires will power and determination, and weight loss is also one such goal which needs the power of your mind.

    Weight loss is a journey which requires the person to picture himself/herself attaining their desired body type, so that they can believe that they can do it!

    For instance, if you are on a weight loss journey and you constantly feel that you may never be able to reach your goal weight, then these negative thoughts grow in your mind and demotivate you to give up!

    Whereas, when you truly believe that you can lose weight the healthy way and become fitter, your mind and body work together to help you attain that goal and you will surely find yourself making an effort.

    High blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, back pain, digestive problems, heart ailments and stroke, depression, liver ailments, etc., are some of the most common health hazards of being overweight or obese.

    So, it is extremely important to make a serious effort to lose weight!

    Here are a few bizarre weight loss tips that you may never have heard of before, which are very effective!


    1. Sniffing An Apple

    Yes, this technique may seem silly at first; however, a recent research study conducted at the Research Foundation Of Chicago states that sniffing apples whenever you get hunger pangs can reduce those urges, as the hunger signals in your brain stop temporarily. So, this method can aid weight loss!


    2. Having A Hearty Breakfast

    It is normal to consume very less quantities of foods for all your meals, when you are trying to lose weight, right? However, consuming a bigger portion of breakfast, with healthy foods can also prevent hunger pangs the rest of the day and aid weight loss.

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    3. De-Clutter Your Space

    Be it your desk at your workplace or your house, ensure that you clean them out at least twice or thrice in a week. This activity can not only help your surroundings remain hygienic, but it can also distract you from hunger pangs and burn calories!


    4. Wear Tighter Clothes

    This is a bizarre French tradition that a number of women used to follow years ago, but it has proven to have helped them lose weight. Wearing clothes which are slightly tighter or tying a ribbon or a band around your waist, especially when you go out to eat, is known to make people more conscious of how much they eat, as the band may feel tighter if you eat more food!


    5. Mirror By The Dining Table

    When you start your weight loss journey on a serious note, install a mirror right at the place where you usually eat. This technique can make you conscious of how much you are eating and prevent you from overeating, thus aiding weight loss.

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    6. Take Pictures

    While this habit may seem too childish and annoying, taking pictures of your meals and analysing them later on can help you keep a track of how much you are eating, thus making your weight loss journey easier and effective!


    7. Light Scented Candles

    Another research study has stated that lighting scented candles, specifically vanilla or peppermint flavoured candles in your surrounding can also reduce the hunger impulses in the brain and prevent hunger pangs, thus helping you lose weight!


    8. Use A Lot Of Blue

    Yes, yet another bizarre weight loss tip which has scientifically proven to be effective. A group of researchers from the Washington University have said that the colour blue can also prevent hunger pangs, thus aiding weight loss. So, painting your dining room blue or using blue cutlery can help!


    9. Use Bright Lights

    Consuming your meals in brightly lit rooms or spaces is known to cut down on the amount of food consumed, as people tend to consciously see what they are eating, thus aiding weight loss. People tend to consume more food in dimly lit rooms, is what a research study claims.


    10. Avoid Listening To Music

    Many of us have the habit of listening to music or watching TV while eating. This habit can distract us from sticking to a limited amount of food and may make us consume more food! So, avoid listening to music and watching TV while eating, if you want to lose weight!

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    Story first published: Sunday, January 14, 2018, 18:00 [IST]
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