What's The 'Dirty Dozen' Workout?

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The name of this workout tells all about what it is. It is nothing but performing 12 repetitions of 12 different exercises.

Your fitness and strength increase when you train your body to overcome a particular challenge gradually.

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You need to push your limits occasionally to grow further. The best thing about this dirty dozen workout is that it engages the whole body and doesn't need any equipment. It also fires up your endurance levels and mental strength too.

Here is the workout.


Step #1

After warming up your body, perform 12 repetitions of squats without carrying weights.


Step #2

Perform 12 repetitions of mountain climbers. Simply go into the position as shown in the picture and fold your leg and move it back as if you are climbing a mountain. Repeat with the other leg. Rest for 60 seconds.

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Step #3

Perform 12 burpees and rest for 60 seconds. This workout involves squatting and jumping.


Step #4

Perform 12 chair dips and rest for 60 seconds. This will stimulate your hands.

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Step #5

Hold the plank position for 12 seconds and rest for 60 seconds.


Step #6

Perform 12 jumping jacks and rest for 60 seconds. Ensure that you do them fast to speed up your heart beat.


Step #7

Perform exactly 12 pushups and rest for 60 seconds.

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Step #8

Perform 12 repetitions of lunges on both sides and rest for 60 seconds.


Step #9

Perform 12 sit ups and wait for 60 seconds before you move on to the next exercise.


Step #10

Perform 12 donkey kicks with both the legs and rest for a minutes.


Step #11

Do 12 pull ups keeping your hands shoulder width apart. Take a minute rest.


Step #12

Using a skipping rope, do 12 repetitions of jumps and your workout is finished. Take a walk for a minute and relax you body.

Doing this 3 times a week is also enough to keep you fit.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 7, 2017, 10:14 [IST]
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