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Eat This Salad For Dinner For 4 Days In A Row And Watch What Happens To Your Body!

By Chandana Rao

While growing up, our parents or elders would have advised us to consume more vegetables, right?

Many a times, our mothers would have packed vegetable salads along with lunch for us to take to school! However, most of us would have avoided eating vegetables, because, they are not really as tasty as comfort food!

Well, as we grew older, many of us understood the importance of consuming vegetables and how they benefit our health in the long run.

However, there are still many people out there who avoid eating vegetables and this habit can give them serious nutritional deficiencies.

While it is a fact that meat contains a high amount of protein and other nutrients, it is also true that vegetables are also rich in various nutrients.

Consuming vegetables on a regular basis can allow you to have a balanced diet, thus keeping you healthy and helping you prevent a number of diseases.

As we know, we are all affected by numerous diseases, if not one, in our lifetimes and it is our duty to try and prevent diseases, in order to take care of our health effectively.

If we do not follow healthy lifestyle habits, then we will be exposing ourselves to a number of diseases and we may have to spend a lot of money on doctors and treatments.

As we know, obesity is a lifestyle-related disorder in which excess fat gets stored in the body, leading to a number of undesirable symptoms.

Apart from making a person look unfit, obesity can also cause heart ailments, joint pain, diabetes, fatigue, digestive problems, etc.

So, if you want to reduce your body weight naturally and treat obesity, in order to prevent other diseases, have a look at this salad recipe.

Ingredients Required:

  • Chopped Cabbage Leaves - 1 cup
  • Chopped Beetroot - 1 cup
  • Olive Oil - 1 tablespoon

This home remedy to help treat diabetes is known to work very well when used on a regular basis and this recipe can also reduce constipation!

However, you must ensure that, along with consuming this salad, you must also exercise for at least 45 minutes on a daily basis and eat a healthy, balanced diet, which is high in protein and fibre content and low in fat content.

In addition, you must also get tested by a doctor to rule out any hormonal disorders and intestinal ailments, which could be causing obesity and constipation.

Cabbage is a leafy vegetable which contains a high amount of fibre, potassium and calcium.

So, the fibre and potassium content in cabbage have the ability to improve your metabolism and help push out the excess fat out of your body.

In addition, cabbage can also strengthen your bones and prevent joint pain. Beetroot, which is also rich in fibre can burn fat cells faster.

The olive oil content in this salad has the ability to lubricate the walls of your intestines and therefore make the elimination of stools easier, thus reducing constipation.

Method Of Preparation:

  • Add the suggested amounts of ingredients in a bowl.
  • Stir well to form a mixture.
  • You can add black pepper or honey for taste.
  • Avoid adding salt.
  • Consume the salad for dinner, for 4 days in a row.
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