Morning Or Evening, Which Is The Best Time To Workout?

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What do you prefer for a workout? Does the early rising warm you up or you feel fresh while working out in the evening?

In the land of exercises, there are many experts who can actually help us know which is the best time to workout, is it the morning or evening.

One hottest topic of all-time debate is which is the proper time to exercise. Well, if you always doubted the same, you need to continue reading.

which is the best time to workout

Some people swear by working out at 6 AM, while on another hand, some people prefer secretly working out at evening. But is any one time of the day the best time to exercise?

According to recent studies, it is said that those who go to the gym or for a jog post work may just achieve a higher level of fitness than those who exercise first thing in the morning, as the body's metabolism adapts better to a routine in the evening or night-time, especially during winter. But this is while performing the exercise in the evening.

which is the best time to workout

Your body is used to the 24-hour pattern, where the body functions such as body temperature, blood pressure, and rest of the other things work accordingly.

The hormonal level and also the heart rate of the person can get affected if you tend to break the 24-hour pattern. You should consider the body clock as the most important feature, as going beyond it may affect your health in several ways.

which is the best time to workout

If you are dealing with consistency, you should go for exercise in the morning. Most of them believe in working out before they start their day and hence working out in the morning can be best for them.

They get completely squeezed out if they don't exercise in the morning. According to experts, you should workout when the temperature is low, as you should allow more time to warm up than you would later in the day.

which is the best time to workout

For some people working out in the morning is important because during the rest of the day, they are packed with office work. Most of the fitness centers see the most traffic between 5 PM and 8 PM, making it difficult to get the machine or group fitness class you really want. Because morning observes less traffic, some people opt for this time.

which is the best time to workout

The perk of working out in the evening is that you don't need to keep snoozing your alarm. You are finally determined for the workout and you really don't struggle to concentrate on things.

So, we cannot decide which workout timing would be better because some are morning people and others might have more energy and strength in the evening. It's all about a personal choice of a person. I am a morning goer, who are you?

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Story first published: Sunday, January 8, 2017, 14:30 [IST]
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