Does Too Much Of Sitting Make Your Bum Bigger?

Does sitting make your bum bigger? When you observe a person who is obese, you might have wondered why the midsection or the bottom has accumulated so much of fat compared to other areas of the body.

Well, a sedentary lifestyle could be the reason. Does sitting cause more fat to accumulate at the bottom? Well, a new study says yes.

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Here are some more facts about the study.


Does Sitting Make Your Bum Bigger?

If you have the habit of sitting for long hours then it is not good for your health. We all know about that. But researchers now say that too much of sitting could make your bottom much bigger!

Lifestyle Of A ‘Couch Potato'

When you don't have an active lifestyle and if you maintain the lifestyle of a ‘couch potato' then you may fall prey to this condition.

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Sitting Makes Your Bum Bigger

Researchers claim that the pressure on the bottom for prolonged hours could result in accumulation of more fat in that area.

What Pre-Adipocyte Cells Do If You Sit Too Much?

The pre-adipocyte cells in the body may convert into fat cells and may result in more fat at the bottom if a person sits for too long on a daily basis.


The fat cells present in the body may produce triglycerides quite fast when you sit for long hours without moving.

Can Exercise Help?

Researchers warn that even exercise may not be able to save if a person sits too much. That explains why people who lead sedentary lifestyles tend to have more fat in the mid-section and at the bottom.

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What If You Are In A Sedentary Job?

This study warns us of the dangers of too much of sitting. If you are in a sedentary job, try to get up and walk around after every 45 minutes to allow your cells to adjust to the stretching of the body.

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