10 Best Tips To Fight Lower Belly Fat

By Shabana

It's pay day and you are just planning to splurge on the dress from your favourite designer's latest collection. But alas!! You just realise that it won't fit you because of your belly bulge.

Oh...The agony of not fitting into our favourite dresses! Most of us are all too familiar with it.

The bulge on our belly is the extra energy in the form of fat that is stored by the adipose tissues. This fat is burned and converted into energy during the time of starvation.

lower belly fat diet

The reasons of belly fat can be many. But the most important reason for it is consumption of high-calorie diet. Other reasons include genetics and lifestyle.

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Often belly fat is not liked by many. It is also very pesky and difficult to get rid of.
But a good diet and exercise can help us get back in shape and fit into our favourite dresses.

Here are some best foods to fight lower belly fat. Take a look.


1) Green Tea

Green tea is taunted to be a belly fat reducer. The polyphenols in green tea will help speed up the metabolism. It also helps the body burn fat in a greater speed reducing overall body weight.


2) Low Calorie Intake

Consuming more calories than the body can burn is the most important reason of belly fat. When you are providing your body with less calories than required, it makes up by burning excess fat deposits in the body, thus helping reduce weight.


3) Stay Away From Stress

Stress has a negative impact on our health. Excess stress causes us to overeat. A stressful lifestyle also lacks adequate physical activity. The hormone cortisol which is released in the body during stress is known to make the body deposit fat around the belly area. It also affects fat distribution and increases visceral fat around the mid region organs. Staying away from stress will not only reduce weight but also impact your health positively.


4) Avoid Excess Sugar Intake

Sugar and sugary food contain nothing but empty calories which the body directly converts into fat. Also, the more sugar you eat, the more our body craves. It may be very difficult but you have to cut back on sugary food in order to lose weight.


5) Balanced Diet

A balanced diet will provide your body will all the necessary nutrients it needs in order to sustain its functions. Make sure you have the recommended amount of carbs, fats and other nutrients as a part of a balanced diet and cut back on sugary and oily stuff.


6) Drinking Lots Of Water

70% of our body comprises of water. It is very essential for our body to carry out all of its functions effectively. Drinking water will not only cleanse your body but will also help you eat less. Water will clean the digestive tract, make you eat less and help you lose weight significantly.


7) Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is known to affect the metabolism. It slows down the digestive system and encourages the storage of fat. Alcohol is highly calorific too. Alcohol tends to make you hungry more often and also sends confusing signals to the brain. Avoiding alcohol will surely put you back on the track.


8) Do Not Skip Meals

Some people resort to skipping meals altogether in order to lose weight. But it has the exact opposite effect on you. Skipping meals will only make you binge more often and lead to over eating. It also makes the digestive system slow, thereby encouraging fat deposits.


9) Moderate Cardio Exercises

Moderate cardio or weight lifting exercises are known to reduce weight effectively. They help to speed up the metabolism and burn extra calories. It also makes you sweat, which flushes out toxins from our body. A healthy balanced diet along with moderate cardio will help reduce belly fat faster.


10) Adequate Sleep

Sleeping is essential for our body. Less sleep dulls our mind. Being sleep-deprived also makes you binge more. It is a known fact that our body burns calories during sleep. So, do not exclude your napping sessions during the day in order to lose weight as sleeping will just help you in the process.

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