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Best Liquid Diets For Weight Loss

By Archana Mukherji

Many people are focusing on weight loss today. One reason is to stay fit and the other reason is to look good and slim. Excessive weight or obesity is the root cause of many health problems today. Thereby, it is essential that a healthy weight is maintained.

Processed foods and junk food are the major reasons behind obesity these days. Obesity is generally caused by eating too much or moving too little.

Liquid Diets For Weight Loss
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If you consume high amounts of junk food, especially fats and sugars but do not burn off the extra calories with physical activity or exercise, then the surplus energy is stored by the body as fat. Getting rid of this extra fat is vital for a healthy body.

While dieting and exercising can help reduce weight, in this article we shall focus on the best liquid diets that can help in weight loss.

Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice contains two ingredients that help you maintain a healthy weight. The first constituent is acid or vitamin C. This has an inverse relationship with the body mass. This means that people who consume more vitamin C weigh less than people who consume less vitamin C.

It has been observed by researchers that people who were overweight and had a larger waist measurement, had considerably lower levels of vitamin C. Also, it has been proven that people with adequate levels of vitamin C break down a lot more fat during exercise. Lemons are also good sources of hesperetin, which is an antioxidant flavonoid, aiding in weight reduction.

Carrot Juice:

Carrots are rich in fibre and low in calories; hence, carrot juice is an excellent choice for weight loss. A tall glass of carrot juice in the morning can keep you full until lunch. This way, you can avoid unnecessary snacks that you might get tempted to eat to keep your hunger away.

As many of you know, it is highly recommended to consume carrots in their raw form. Hence, when you are dieting to reduce weight, the best way to consume lots of carrots is in the form of juice. Carrot juice has the capacity to increase bile secretion. This in turn helps burn fat faster, thereby, aiding in weight loss.

You can also convert your carrot juice into a detox drink by adding an apple, half an orange and some ginger and juice it up along with your carrot. This will help flush out all the unnecessary toxins from your body.

Tomato Juice:

Tomato is a good source of calcium, iron and vitamin C. Tomato juice is a delicious drink and tastes great either hot or cold. A tall glass of tomato juice keeps you full and makes you feel good, fresh and there is no way that you will want to eat unhealthy food. This juice provides your body the water it needs, keeps you hydrated and this way it helps you lose weight.

Tomato juice plays a vital role to help you deal with your food cravings. It is proven that foods with sharp, acidic tastes, including tomatoes, overwhelm your taste buds. This makes you feel more satisfied and you can avoid eating unnecessarily when you are not hungry.

Spinach Juice:

Spinach is considered as one of the most wonderful vegetables in the world since it is packed with innumerable nutrients. Spinach contains adequate quantities of vitamin K, A, C, B2, B6, E, manganese, iron, magnesium, folate, calcium, potassium, fiber, copper, protein, phosphorous, zinc, omega-3 fats, selenium and tryptophan.

It is great to consume this green vegetable in its raw form; hence, spinach juice is an ideal food for a healthy diet. The biochemical substance called thylakoids in spinach juice has the ability to decrease or control hunger, which in turn promotes weight loss. Also, the best part is that if you consume this juice before eating your regular food, it will reduce your craving to binge eat.

Grapefruit Juice:

Grapefruit juice promises excellent weight loss results when consumed before every meal. This juice promotes good health and also healthy weight. If you consume small quantities of this juice before every meal, it considerably brings down your appetite.

Ultimately, you end up eating fewer calories and resulting in weight loss. Try consuming this juice about 20 minutes before every meal and you will see great results.

Cucumber Juice:

Cucumber is another food that has high water content. Any food with such high water content is low in calories. It is obvious that for weight loss, you either need to eat less calories or burn more calories.

Hence, cucumber juice is also considered a great liquid diet for weight loss. Cucumber is also rich in fibre and is an excellent meal filler. If you want your cucumber juice to be more refreshing, squeeze in some lemon juice and add a few mint leaves.

Amla Juice:

The Indian gooseberry is locally called amla and has a lot of health benefits. Starting your day with a glass of amla juice keeps your digestive system on track throughout the day and also boosts up your metabolism. A faster metabolism can help you to burn fat quickly. This in turn helps you reach your goal of weight loss.

For better weight management, it is recommended to have amla juice on an empty stomach. A few drops of honey added to it not only boosts the taste but also keeps you energetic and active throughout the day.

Pomegranate Juice:

We all know that pomegranate juice is great for the skin and helps you get a natural glow, but how many of us know that it is also helpful for weight loss?

Well, pomegranate juice contains antioxidants, polyphenols and conjugated linolenic acid, all of which work well together to burn body fat and boost your body's metabolism. Pomegranate juice also helps to suppress your appetite and helps keep overeating at bay.

Bitter Gourd Juice:

Bitter gourd is very low in calories. It may sound crazy to drink this as a juice due to the bitter taste, but it really helps to lose weight. Drinking this juice stimulates the liver to secrete bile acids which are required to metabolise the fats.

Cabbage Juice:

Cabbage is again a vegetable with high water content and is also rich in fibre. Cabbage juice helps to relieve a lot of stomach problems like bloating and indigestion, clears up your digestive tract and also quickly eliminates wastes from your body. This aids in weight loss.

As already discussed, the more of fibre you consume, the more it helps you in the fat burning process. High-fibre vegetables like cabbage absorb the water in our body and form a gel-like mass during digestion.

As a result, the digestion process is slowed down and you feel full for a longer time. Thereby, the craving for too much food is avoided. If you do not like plain cabbage juice, you can add some apple or lime juice to it. Alternately, you can also blend some sweet veggies like carrot or beetroot with your cabbage and consume this juice for your weight loss goal attainment.

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