Why Jumping Rope Is A Good Workout

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Most of us have tried jumping the rope in school but we have ignored it since then. In fact, it is among the best and the easiest workouts that can work well for burning calories.

Also, you don't need anything but a rope and some space to jump in order to perform this workout. And many studies claim that it offers more benefits than many other workouts if done regularly.

Now, let us discuss how this workout helps you keep yourself healthy and fit. Here are some of its benefits.


Benefit #1

Some sports may involve injuries whereas jumping rope minimises the chances of injuries as you can steadily do the workout without any rapid twists, turns or moves. Also your knees get strengthened when you regularly do this workout.


Benefit #2

As this workout is aerobic in nature, it is good for your heart. Also, it can enhance your stamina when you regularly do it.


Benefit #3

You can try a lot of variations and make your workout more effective. For example, you can try to jump higher, or you can increase pace or you can change the rhythm- you can try varying intensities and reap more out of your workout.


Benefit #4

Your coordination skills drastically improve if you jump rope regularly. Your body needs to jump in a rhythmic way in order to avoid tripping and this increases focus and coordination.


Benefit #5

Certain studies indicate that jumping can also boost your brain power as it involves active participation of both the hemispheres of the brain.


Benefit #6

This workout can burn around 1200-1300 calories in an hour. Compared to walking and jogging, this workout tends to burn more calories.


Benefit #7

As jumping challenges your lungs, your breathing capacity improves. This helps you handle your daily activities with ease.


Benefit #8

Many studies have concluded that jumping can enhance bone density. As jumping a rope involves jumping, your bone density is improved when you regularly do it.

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