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What You Should Eat For Breakfast If You Want To Lose Weight

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How many of you skip breakfast every morning, thinking that it is the best and safe, and, not to forget, an effective way to lose weight?

Well, experts have released a statistic report saying that nearly 90 per cent of the women firmly believe that by skipping breakfast, one can cut down on a lot of calories.

ll Effects Of Skipping Breakfast

Though this is a myth, which most of us have faith in, apart from a hopeless weight loss tip, skipping breakfast is totally unhealthy for the human body.

When you eat dinner at night and rest for the day, your body does not get food for the next 7 to 8 hours until you wake up.

In this time, the body becomes lethargic and empty and there will be no strength for the organs to function. Also, your heartrate as well as pulse will drop a little lower than the usual value.

Healthy Things To Do Before Breakfast

Therefore, the key for any balanced weight-loss program is that you should have a lean protein, a low G.I carbohydrate that is controlled, and a balance of good fats in your everyday breakfast meal.

So, if you have plans to reduce on the kilos with a blink of an eye, here are some options as to what you should eat for breakfast, if you want to lose some pounds. Take a look:



Starting your day with a low Glycaemic index carbohydrate will do good in giving your body an instant amount of energy. Toast along with some fat-free cheese or saltless butter will also add up to the nutritional level, increasing your calcium as well as protein.


Poached Eggs:

Poached eggs are loaded with protein and less fats, which are a great combination for weight loss. To poached eggs, you can also add a few fat-burning vegetables to help cut down on the kilos further.


A Veg Omelette:

Indulge in a vegetable omelette this morning to increase the protein level in the body. When the protein level increases, the body feels more energetic and active, thus aiding in a rapid weight loss. Add a ton of chopped onions, bell peppers and chillies to your omelette as well, as it helps benefit better results.


Try An Avocado:

This fruit offers a great source of low GI carbohydrates with a rich source of B-complex vitamins, folate and other elements that help to burn fat. Adding this fruit to your breakfast chart will give you happy and positive results in no time.


Boiled Eggs:

This morning as soon as you wake up, treat yourself with some boiled eggs. If you serve this high protein meal with toast, you are sure to get your low GI carbohydrates, and thus this completes your balanced breakfast meal for weight loss.


A Ricotta That Burns Calories:

To include a meal that has low GI carbohydrates, high amount of fibre and a rich source of protein and calcium, ricotta is the perfect choice of a meal to start your day with.


Whole Grain Meals:

Whole grain meals are a must if you want to burn calories in a jiffy. Whole grain foods like oats, brown bread and ragi help in cutting the calories in the body. They also help activate the body and aid in a healthier you.

Story first published: Thursday, March 31, 2016, 10:00 [IST]
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