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What Happens To Your Body When You Stretch Regularly?

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Do you find yourself indulging in a long, satisfying stretch after a nap or in the middle of a stressful day at work? Well, most of us do and it can be quite relaxing!

Stretching is a physical act or an exercise where a specific muscle or a tendon in the body is flexed or stretched, in order to improve flexibility or to ease the tightness/stiffness in that area.

It increases the elasticity of the muscles in that specific area and also provides relief from stiffness, thereby making the person experience instant comfort.

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The act of stretching is usually an instinctive act made by most animals, when they are tired or lazy.

However, stretching can also be performed before and after exercising in order to improve muscle flexibility and also to prevent muscle damage.

Most athletes and people who workout on a regular basis practice a number of stretches aimed to relax various muscles of the body.

Learn about some of the best health benefits of performing stretches every day, even for a few minutes, in this article.


1. Gives Instant Energy

Stretching can instantly make you feel more active and energised, as the act increases the blood flow to all parts of your body, with just a couple of movements!


2. Improves Balance

According to a research study, stretching can improve your body balance and make you more flexible and in control of your bodily movements.


3. Reduces Pain

Stretching specific area of the body, like your back, neck, shoulders etc. can considerably reduce the pain in those areas, as the blood flow from stretching can reduce inflammation.


4. Reduces Stiffness

Stretching can be very effective in relaxing and loosening tight and still muscles and joints, thereby increasing your flexibility.


5. Gives Better Workout Results

Stretching before and after a workout session, can improve the effectiveness of your workout, helping you lose weight or build muscles with ease.


6. Lowers Blood Sugar

According to many research studies, stretching on a regular basis is known to lower blood sugar levels, thereby preventing diabetes.


7. Reduces Stress

Stretching improves the blood flow to your brain and also relaxes your muscles in an instant, thereby reducing stress.

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