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7 Tips For Perfect Pushups

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Let us admit it: pushups are the easiest workout for most of us and therefore, we tend to carelessly approach them. In fact, when done in the right way, the push up is one of the most effective workouts around.

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It can engage several muscles in your body like the triceps, deltoids, pectoral muscles and more. But when you don't perform them properly, the risk of injury could be high.

Incorrect form could strain muscles and also cause soreness and fatigue after the workout. Therefore, it is better to perform workouts under the supervision of an instructor.

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Now, here are some tips for performing pushups in a proper way.


Tip #1

When you perform pushups, you tend to strain your wrists a lot as the weight of the upper body tends to be on the wrists. To avoid this, you can try performing pushups holding a dumbbell or a push up stand.


Tip #2

When you are a beginner, it is better to start off by placing your wrists shoulder width apart to perform a pushup. This will minimize the pressure on your wrists and shoulders.


Tip #3

It is better to keep your gaze a bit forward instead of looking downward. Also, it is good for your neck to be slightly lifted instead of leaving it like that.


Tip #4

Ensure that you place your hands straight and aligned when you do a pushup or else your wrists may get the injury.


Tip #5

When you perform a pushup, it is better to bend as much as possible to complete the range of motion and conclude the pushup. That will help your muscles grow properly.


Tip #6

Unless you try variations, your body is not going to grow. Try variations like the Hindu pushup, wide grip push up, single leg pushup and leg elevated pushups etc...


Tip #7

Don't perform more than 100 repetitions a day as it may stress your joints immensely. Also, it becomes an endurance activity if you perform more repetitions.

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Story first published: Friday, July 15, 2016, 4:01 [IST]
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