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For Men: The Best Exercise For Your Age

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Our bodies transform and change as we age. That is why the same type of exercise may not be suitable in all ages. As you start reaching a different phase in your life, you must make certain changes to your workouts in order to reap the right benefits.

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Also, as we are all different, the same type of exercise may not be suitable for all of us. Depending upon your body type and age, exercise must be tailor-made. In fact, the correct person to decide your workouts would be your gym instructor or a qualified fitness expert.

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In this post, let us discuss the general workouts that suit men of different age groups. Consult your fitness expert for a better opinion instead of directly following this information (for safety reasons).


16-19 Years

At this age, when a boy slowly starts transforming into a man, hormonal action in the body will be higher. It is better to choose a good sports activity instead of lifting heavy. As a teenager your body tends to be flexible and swifter. It is better to enhance your co-ordination skills and athletic abilities in teenage.


20-30 Years

This is the right phase of a man's life to start building muscles. Also, a man's performance in the gym would be at peaks during this phase. So, start lifting heavy and learn as much as possible from your gym instructor. It is better to limit your athletic activities and build your muscles. That would pave the right foundation.


30-40 Years

This is a phase where HIIT works well to gear up your metabolism. After 30, your chances of accumulating belly fat may increase and your testosterone levels may start dipping. Your workouts must be intense and challenging.


40-50 Years

At this phase, maintaining muscle mass might get challenging. So, you should not quit workouts. You can stick to weight training, but after taking certain precautions to avoid injury. Even if you go for running, choose sprints instead of marathons.


50-60 Years

Generally, men in their 50's feel like taking up activities like cycling or marathons, but if you wish to maintain muscle mass, strength exercises are also important; but its up to you. Only those who have been lifting since their 20's will be able to continue lifting heavy after 50. But if you are not interested, try yoga to improve flexibility.


60-70 Years

At this age, your quality of life depends more on how much you have exercised in your youth. Therefore, it is better to continue your workouts even at this phase. You don't need to lift heavy anymore; just lift light weights if you wish to maintain some muscle mass. At this age, your exercise should be just an activity to keep yourself physically active; so, don't aim for a six pack as that might kill you.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 9, 2016, 8:00 [IST]
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