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Why Choose A Workout That's Safe For Joints

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If you love your joints, it is important to balance your workouts well. Instead of sticking to only aerobics or bodybuilding or flexibility workouts, include all the three types in the right proportions.

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All actions like jumping, twisting, running and turning occur only due to your joints. If your joints say no, you might not be able to move an inch.

Muscles, ligaments and joints are tightly connected and every move of yours need their co-operation. There is a tissue called as cartilage that balances the stress of the forces acting on your joints.

When you choose a sport or an exercise, your main focus should be to minimise the stress on the cartilage so that your joints stay safe during the process. If you care for your joints, your old age will be effortless. So, choose an exercise safe for joints.

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A good idea is to choose an exercise that doesn't stress up your joints but engages your muscles. Remember that weak joints may even make your daily life activities challenging. Therefore, choosing the right set of exercises and going for variety is the key.


Go For Cross Training

Trying two different types of exercises or sports activities in order to boost your performance as well as your fitness levels is known as cross training. This is important to keep your joints healthy.



Simply stretch yourself and experience the freedom and the relief your joints and muscles feel. Stretching exercises and yoga are good for the flexibility of your joints.


Prepare Your Body For Intense Workouts

If you are planning to lift heavy, it is important to stretch and warm up your body so that your joints and muscles get prepared for the stress you are going to give.


Avoid Over Intensity

Depending upon your age and health condition choose the intensity of the exercise. Middle-aged people or old people should never try running on rough surfaces or heavy weight lifting. That's dangerous for your joint health.


Choose Low Impact Activities

Walking, cycling and swimming are some activities that cause almost no stress to your joints. Choose them as they don't even need any equipment.



Lifting weights will surely engage your muscles and also help your joints. But it is important to lift only in the presence of a gym instructor as 'form' is everything. Bad form and posture may again trouble your joints.


Relax And Sleep Well

Remember that your joints also demand peaceful sleep every night. Don't overwork without having enough sleep.

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Story first published: Friday, January 8, 2016, 8:02 [IST]
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