Does The Steak And Eggs Diet Work?

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The steak and eggs diet involves eating only steak and eggs for a period of time. Many body builders love this diet both for its simplicity and its efficiency.

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As it involves eating only two types of foods, it also saves a lot of time. And as it doesn't involve carbohydrates, it is considered healthier than many other diets.

Fat loss would be very effortless when you follow this diet for more than a month. This diet involves eating two times a day. You can choose to eat either in the morning and noon or in the noon and night.

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Each meal should consist of 4-5 eggs and a pound of steak and nothing else. Every weekend can be a cheat day where you can eat anything. Are you wondering whether your body will get enough nutrients if you survive only on two types of foods?

Well, steak and eggs contain enough nutrients but surely your body may miss fibre. For that, you can occasionally drink a vegetable juice or munch a raw salad.

Now, let us discuss more about this diet....


Boosts Testosterone

This diet boosts your T-levels which will help you workout harder and gain muscle mass too. As this diet is rich in zinc, fat and cholesterol, it can promote T-levels.


It Involes Partial Fasting

Intermittent fasting accelerates fat loss. As this diet lets you eat only twice a day, your body will be able to cleanse itself and burn fat too.


Contains Omega Fatty Acids

Bad fats are dangerous but healthy fats are good for health. The fats in steak and the omega 3 fatty acids in eggs are healthy.


Contains Proteins

As this diet is rich in protein which keeps you filled, you won't feel hungry for long. Also, the protein helps you build muscle when you hit the gym regularly.


This Diet Is Ketogenic

This diet is ketogenic. As it doesn't contain any carbs in it, your body will gradually start burning fat to get energy.

Ketosis is a state in which your body is deprived of carbs. That is the time when fat becomes the primary source of energy.


No Snacks

This diet doesn't involve eating snacks or taking any supplements. Also, as the high protein content keeps you filled, you will never crave for snacks.


You'll Never Over Eat

As this diet is heavy and appetite suppressing, you will never over eat and gain unwanted weight.

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