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How To Eat Junk And Stay Lean?

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Junk food is unhealthy. The whole planet knows about that. But still, most of us can't stay away from it because we love indulging in certain pleasures. And after enjoying junk foods, we again feel bad and worry about the weight. This worry causes stress which is as dangerous as unwanted fat. Let us put an end to it!

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Is there any way to eat junk and still lose weight? Yes, maybe. Even if you eat junk, if you do it in a calculative way, you are out of danger. Its like taking calculative risk. Also, remember this- try to eat junk only once a day if you can't live without it.

And then, you cannot eat anything and everything and expect to stay lean. That's more of a food addiction, and staying lean isn't easy if you have such an addiction.

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If junk food is just one more pleasure in your life which makes you feel that life is beautiful when done in moderation, then yes, you can still eat junk and stay lean.


If You Are Already Obese.....

If you already have unwanted fat in your system and if you have the habit of eating junk food until you are totally satisfied then don't even try this. You can afford to eat junk once a while and still not get affected only if you never turn this pleasure into an addiction or into emotional eating. So, first, try to get rid of addictive eating styles even before you try to eat junk and stay lean.


Never Binge Eat

Eat your favourite snack and then just move on. Don't buy stock for a week or a month as you may open your shelf and finish all the food in one go. Buy one serving and finish it off.


Eat It Before Going To Bed

When you're totally tired at the end of the day, eat that junk food when you go to bed. Even if you want more, you will not feel like getting up from the bed.


Junk Before Workout....

If you want to indulge on a sugary junk food, do it before you hit the gym. then lift weights with vengeance. This is a safer way as you can have a chance to get rid of the excess calories you just ate.


Cut Carbs....

Remember this- whenever you indulge on junk food, try to reduce your intake of carbs and fat during your meals on that day. This will balance the calorie intake.


If You Have Snacked Too Much...

Then skip a meal. If you still eat a meal after eating junk uncontrollably, then you may gain unwanted fat everywhere.


Lift Heavy

If you have no way of using the energy your food gave you, you have no way of getting rid of fat. Lift heavy if you love to eat junk foods at least occasionally.


Know The Equation

Its plain simple. More food will make you fat. Generally, you eat junk food apart from your major meals of the day. Count your overall intake and ensure that you never cross the overall limit of calories even on days you eat junk. And then don't forget to be physically active as your food wants you to lift weights.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 17, 2016, 14:01 [IST]
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