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Simple Tips To Lose Fat From Your Hips, Which Really Work!

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You might be familiar with the terms "muffin-top", "love-handles", etc., that are used to describe the excess fat accumulated around your hips. So, if you want to get rid of it, these simple tips to lose the fat on your hips can be of help!

People come with many different body shapes and sizes, and it is important to accept that and be happy with their natural looks; however, having excess fat accumulation in certain parts of the body can make a person look unattractive and it is also quite unhealthy!

If we have excess fat accumulated around our hips, we may not be able to carry off certain trendy clothes with ease, as it could make us feel self-conscious!

If we want to wear figure-hugging or fitted clothes, this uneven distribution of fat around our hips could make us feel self-conscious.

In addition, having excess fat around our hips is linked to certain health conditions like cardiovascular diseases, obesity, etc.

So, here are a few simple tips that you can follow in order to lose the fat that is accumulation on your hips, have a look!

Tip #1

tips for slim hips

Tips for attaining slim hips include cutting your caloric intake per day by at least 500 calories. This habit can slim down your hips quickly.

Tip #2

tips for slim hips

If you want to lose fat from your hips, it is important to indulge in high-intensity Cardio exercises, as hip fat can be quite hard to shed with moderate activities.

Tip #3

tips for slim hips

It is also important to practice exercise that targets your hip area specifically, like hip raises, lunges, side crunches, hip rotations, bridge plank, etc., so that you can burn off hip fat quickly.

Tip #4

tips for slim hips

If you have a desk-bound job, ensure that you take breaks often and go for short walks, once every couple of hours, as sitting for long hours can also cause bulkier hips.

Tip #5

tips for slim hips

If you want to lose hip fat naturally, include core exercises like crunches, toe-touches, etc., as a stronger core can help you attain slimmer hips.

Tip #6

tips for slim hips

If you are a meat-eater, ensure that you eat lean meat instead of red meat, as red meat can increase hip fat to be accumulated to a considerable extent.

Tip #7

tips for slim hips

Tips to lose hip fat include walking or spot jogging whenever you get the time to do so, as these activities are great to help burn hip fat faster.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 18, 2016, 9:30 [IST]
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