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Side Effects Of Injecting Steroids In The Body

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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From several medical studies and experiments, it has been cleared that steroids are not good for health. Still, there are some situations when doctors prescribe steroid injections.

In the case of treating muscle wasting during AIDS or to treat late puberty and weak testicular function, doctors use steroid injections. So, what are the side effects of steroids on the body?

Before discussing that, let's get an idea about what steroids are. Usually, steroids are of two types, the anabolic steroids, given to athletes to build up muscles and Corticosteroids that are used to reduce any swelling and overactive response of your immunity system.

Why steroids are injected to your body? If a doctor prescribes steroid oral medicines, they don’t have the surety that it will reach the problem area.

An injection can be directly pushed to the exact area of pain. There are lots of side effects of injecting steroids on to the body.

Selling and buying steroids without doctor’s prescription is illegal. Your entire body can suffer with the negative impacts of steroid injections. For men and women, these medicines can create disastrous impacts.

AAS (anabolic-androgenic steroids) are used by people illegally, as they hope that these will increase their ability to exercise and maintain the muscle mass.

However, medical studies have proved that there are killer side effects of injecting steroids on to the body. Read on to know more about the side effects of injecting steroids in the body.


Increase Risk of Killer Diseases

Side effects of steroids on body can be dangerous as it increases the risk of diseases like hepatitis and HIV. Scientific researches have shown that sharing needles of steroid injections will cause infections. Steroids can also increase the risk of prostate cancer.


Too Much Hair Fall

This is one of the vital side effects of injecting steroids on body. If you inject or have orally, steroid cause excessive hair fall for both men and women. It is in such an extreme level that you can go bald.


Changes in Male Body-

Anabolic steroids are too strong to change the normality of testosterone hormone. If men take steroid injections their breasts may develop, erection can be painful, shrinking testicles, low sperm count and obviously, infertility. These are the side effects of steroids on body.


Changes in Female Body

Not only men, but there are also several side effects of injecting steroids on body of female. Taking anabolic steroid may cause excessive hair growth on face and body, enlarged clitoris, reduced breast sizes, change in voice and problems of acne.


Other Physical Damage

Not only these, but there are also other physical ailment, caused by steroids. In case of youth, steroid injections can affect their growth. Besides, people can suffer from live tumor and serious liver damage. Increasing level of bad cholesterol and heart diseases are common side effects of steroids.


Increase Risk of Mental Diseases

Yes, it is one of the crucial side effects of injecting steroids on body. Using steroid can cause psychiatric dysfunction. People can suffer from fast mood swings and can develop aggressive behavior and violence. They can be delusional and go into depression.



If drugs are killer to youth; steroids are not very far away from that. Addiction and dependency to steroid hamper the job or study of the youths and they can succumb to any crime to get money for steroid injections.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 9, 2016, 22:01 [IST]
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