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7 Foods That Destroy Immune System

By: Bindu Gowda

Immune system plays a crucial role to lead a healthy life. Our immune system keeps us healthy and disease free. It battles against against the pathogens and bacteria in order protect us from diseases. There are certain foods that boosts immune system. On the other hand there are few foods which weakens our immune system making us prone to illness.

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It is essential to keep our immune system functioning well. Sleep and exercise are important while diet also plays a significant role here. In today's article we at Boldsky have shared some of the foods that destroys our immune system. Take a look and try to avoid these foods to lead a disease free life.



Even though caffeine has lots of health benefits, it is bad for the immunity. Too much of caffeine consumption leads to sleep deprivation which is in turn linked to weak immune system.



Soda simply destroys the immune system. Soda lacks nutrients and the phosphoric acid present in it reduces calcium and magnesium in the body.


Fried Foods

Fried foods will not only increase your body weight, but will also lower immunity. Cut on fried foods to boost immunity.


Red Meat

A recent study has found out that red meat can actually have ill effects on health. Our body finds it difficult to digest the natural sugar found in red meat which paves way to many health disorders including cancer.


Processed Foods

Processed foods tops the list of unhealthy foods that destroys immune system. The ingredients and sugar contents present in it ruins the immune system and thus it better to stay away from these processed foods.



Surprisingly, nuts also weakens immunity if not eaten in moderation. It ruins the immune system if eaten in excess.



Excessive alcohol consumption can weaken the immunity. Research have shown that alcohol consumption reduces the number of white blood cells. So it is advisable to drink in moderation.

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