5 Ways To Build Hard Muscles

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Rock hard muscles is what drives a woman crazy towards a man. Needless to say that most men want to build muscles that are rock hard and chiselled. But, buliding muscles is not a very easy task. No trainer in the world will tell you exactly how you can harden your muscles. It is easy to build muscle mass with protein shakes and look all beefed. If those muscles are not hard, then you will look like a puffed up balloon, not a chiselled Greek God.

Change the way you work out because it is all about the exercises you choose. Here are some exercises for men to get hard muscles and maintain them too.

Hard Muscles

Exercises To Build Hard Muscles:

1. Build The Bulk First: Many trainers will suggest you to go on a totally low fat diet to build muscles. But, you cannot chisel your muscles if you do not have them. You will have to build the muscle mass first and for that you need high protein diet with moderate amount of fats.

2. When To Go On A Diet: Once you have gained the bulk you want, you will have to start shaping your muscles. So you need to judge, how much bulk is enough for you. When you achieve it, go on an minimum fat diet. This will be the diet to get a lean body. Mind you, do not starve. Have lots of fresh vegetables and proteins. Cut down on the crabs and fats.

3. The Right Weight Training: Weight training is absolutely essential for building muscles. You already know that. Every Tom, Dick and Harry does weight training these days but they all don't get rock hard muscles. The trick is to find the right combination for yourself. Don't lift weights mindlessly. Set up a workout schedule that allows you to work on each muscle at least once a week. Space out the workout so that there is a gap of at least 2 to 3 days before you work on the same muscle again.

4. Strength Training: You need to combine your weight training sessions with strength training. Work on the strength and resistance power of your muscles. This helps to harden your muscle mass.

5. Consistency Is The Key: When you lust after the rock hard bodies of celebrities like Hrithik Roshan and Gerard Butler, you forget that they work very hard to maintain that shape. You cannot afford to let go at any point of time. You need to work out consistently to harden those muscles and look like a Greek God.

Follow these 5 thumb rules and you will build a body that you can be proud of soon. Which celebrity's body you love to have?

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