These Mistakes Will Kill Your Weight Loss Efforts

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We commit a lot of mistakes when it comes to following a weight loss regimen. We normally assume that doing vigorous exercises, cutting on fats and eating excess of fibrous foods will surely make us lose weight faster.

However, you must be well aware of the fact that anything done in excess will not prove to be beneficial, but can in fact ruin your efforts.

Following certain weight loss tips in excess can decrease the fat-burning rate of your body, as the metabolism can get slowed down by doing some of the weight trainings in excess.

This is the reason why you are not losing weight, despite of all the strenuous efforts that you're taking to lose weight. The word "strenuous" is the answer to any question that may arise in your mind regarding weight loss.

Weight loss is a gradual process, and when you go over with it and become impatient about it, you will do the things that will put your body under a lot of stress, causing the release of stress hormones.

These stress hormones can decrease your metabolism, increase sugar cravings and make you gain more weight rather than losing it.

Hence, here are the weight loss mistakes that you must avoid at any cost, which will decrease your metabolism and cause a rebound weight gain.


Mistake #1: Overeating Raw Vegetables

Eating raw vegetables as a salad is good, but eating excess of it can cause weight gain rather than causing weight loss. This is because the cellulose present in the raw veggies is hard for the stomach to digest. This causes digestive problems, destroys the good bacteria in the intestines, and thus slows down the metabolism process. All this leads to weight gain.


Mistake #2: Eating Too Much Of Proteins

Normally, we do the mistake of eating too much of proteins in the form of meat, assuming that it will increase the metabolism. The excess of proteins may also get stored in your body as fat. When you completely restrict a carbohydrate diet and eat only proteins then your body uses these proteins to get sugar and excess sugar gets converted into fat.


Mistake #3: Excess Intake Of Fibrous Foods

Excess fibre in the body disrupts the normal good bacteria in the gut, and thus prevents the absorption of most of the important nutrients in the body from the stomach and intestines. This slows down the metabolism, and we may gain weight instead of losing it. Excess fibre also causes gases, bloating and diarrhoea.


Mistake #4: Vigorous Exercise

Doing exercise frequently can switch your body into a defense mode and will cause the release of stress hormone cortisol. This hormone will increase your food cravings and decrease the body's fat-burning rate. This results in a rebound weight gain.


Mistake #5: Low Salt Intake

It is true that salt is not good for health. But, you must take at least 1500 mg of salt per day, if you are not having high blood pressure and kidney issues. Salt is very important in helping the body to burn the extra calories, aiding in digestion and preventing the secretion of stress hormone in the body.


Mistake #6: Drinking Just Water

We normally drink tons of plain water, especially when we are on a weight loss plan. Excess water may fill your stomach so much that you may even be deprived of the essential nutrients that you get from food. You must try to drink electrolyte water such as ORS (oral rehydration salt) water. This will supply minerals and electrolytes to your body, and thus increase metabolism.


Mistake #7: Avoiding Good Fats

When we are on a diet, we normally ignore all kinds of fats. However, good fats are important for the body, and in fact they help you in losing weight by increasing your metabolism. We must get omega-3 and other essential fatty acids that are present in these good fat food substances such as olive oil, fatty fish, nuts, etc.

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Story first published: Friday, January 29, 2016, 10:00 [IST]
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