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7 Shocking Side Effects Of Extreme Dieting!

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Do you yearn to have a slimmer waist or a gap between your thighs, which seems to be the latest trend?

Do you feel that you need to lose weight as soon as possible, so that you can fit into your old clothes and also help yourself gain more confidence?

Well, being overweight can definitely be a blow to a person's self-confidence, especially in this day and age, where fitness and a slim figure are regarded highly important.

So, most people who are battling with weight issues become quite desperate to lose weight and tend to take extreme measures to attain their goal weight.

Most people feel that food is the culprit causing them to be overweight, and so, they turn to "crash dieting" and other such extreme dieting methods, which they think will help them lose weight quickly.

Many a times, people who are on a diet tend to starve themselves and avoid consuming any food throughout the day, living on just a fruit and some water or energy drinks!

However, did you know that extreme dieting can lead to certain shocking health complications?

Have a look at what extreme dieting can do to your body, here.


1. Malnourishment

Denying your body of the required amount of nutrition can lead to serious malnourishment, which weakens your immune system and leads to a number of other disorders.


2. Muscle Loss

When you go on a crash diet and stop eating the required amount of food, it will lead to the loss of muscles, along with fat, making your body look unhealthy and also lead to the problem of sagging skin.


3. Depression

When you do not nourish your body well, your brain does not receive enough oxygen, which may lead to conditions like depression.


4. Dehydration

Even if you take in enough fluids, but not enough food, your cells tend to get dehydrated, leading to dry skin, dizziness, etc.


5. Extreme Fatigue

Obviously, when your body does not get the optimum level of nutrients required, it leads to nutritional deficiency and extreme fatigue, so your daily activities may get hampered.


6. Agitation

When you are dieting, you may feel constantly hungry and hunger is known to induce irritability and agitation to a considerable extent.


7. Slow Metabolism

Dieting is one of the main reasons for a slowed down metabolism; and a slow metabolism can lead to a number of other health complications, including an unexplained weight gain!

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