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Reasons Why You Are Tired During Workouts

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Did you ever feel tired and exhausted while you are performing a workout? Well, it isn't due to lack of will power. There could be other reasons behind that. So, don't push yourself.

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When you are lifting weights, if you are not able to maintain proper form or unable to do enough repetitions as usual then it could mean that you lack enough energy.

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Also, feeling lethargic in the gym or collapsing while working out could have other reasons too. Here are they:



Don't be tough on yourself. If you are trying to increase the intensity of your workouts too fast, then your body can't cope up with it and you may suffer a breakdown which will bring your workouts to a halt. Instead of that, raise the intensity gradually so that your body will be able to adapt.


Lack Of Nutrients

If your diet fails to fuel your workout, you may collapse while working out. Your diet needs to provide enough carbs, protein and fat to fuel your moves. Ensure that you have a pre and post workout snack to provide some energy.



When your life is filled with too many commitments and stress, it is better to take some rest first instead of hitting the gym. Or else, reduce your socialising and enjoy your workout. But if you try to do both then you may breakdown during the workout as your energy levels get sapped.


Seasonal Changes

You might need to vary your food and exercise depending upon your climate. Too much of intensity in hot climates may be counter productive.


Lack Of Rest

Without rest, recovery is impossible and without recovery, your body will not be able to perform well in the next workout session. So, ensure that you rest well.


Lack Of Water

Dehydration could be one reason why anyone could collapse while working out. Hydrate yourself well to avoid such a danger.


Over Enthusiastic

Being ambitious is fine, but if you attempt to become the next body building star in your locality within a short span of time, you may drastically fail as your body needs some time to adjust itself to the stress.

This way, there are certain reasons why you may fail in your workouts. Carefully address them to succeed in your fitness targets.

Story first published: Thursday, August 25, 2016, 8:00 [IST]
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