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How To Do 100 Pushups A Day

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Push-ups are among the best workouts. They don't need any equipment and can be done anywhere. Therefore, they are popular. And they also offer many benefits like endurance, strength, muscle mass and beautiful shape.

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Do you wish to do 100 pushups a day? Well, firstly remember that pushups are a basic workout. If you need big muscles, you may need to hit the gym as pushups can't give you huge biceps.

But you don't need to look like a body builder. The motive of exercise can be fitness levels and fun too. And yes, pushups surely offer fitness, strength, shape and also some muscle gains.

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So, if you wish to push boundaries and take it as a challenge, then do 100 pushups a day. Here are some helpful steps.


Warm Up Shoulders

Before you stress your muscles, you need to prepare them. So, stretch your body before starting the pushups. Rotate your hands clockwise and anti-clockwise and loosen up your shoulders before doing a pushup. Blood circulation enhances during this process and your muscles of that area get ready for action.


Start With Only 10

On the first day, do only 10 pushups. Your task is to gradually prepare your body to build up the strength and stamina to do 100 pushups day.


Take An Off

Every stressed up muscle needs a day off to recover. So, you can do pushups only on alternate days, not on two consecutive days. Allow your chest and shoulder muscles to recover during the off days.


Gradually Increase 10

On the first day, do 10, on the second day do 20 and on the third day do 30 and so on. This way, increase 10 a day to gradually reach 100 pushups by the next 10 or 30 days. Don't blame your self if it takes longer than that to reach 100.


Eat Eggs

Your muscles need protein to repair the torn muscle fibres which are a result of your pushup sessions. So, eat eggs daily or find another protein source.


Vary The Pace

After reaching a point where you reach 100 pushups a day, start varying the pace. Try performing fast or slow. When you do them fast and for long duration, your endurance increases. When you perform them slow by correcting the form, you develop strength.


Change Everything

Once your body gets used to a particular workout, it doesn't grow beyond that point. So, once you are comfortable with a method of pushup, try another from the next day. There are various varieties of pushups like the Hindu pushup and inclined pushup and so on.

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Story first published: Friday, July 22, 2016, 12:58 [IST]
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