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How Running Boots Your Libido

Losing weight is not the only benefit that you can enjoy if you run regularly. There are so many other benefits, but of course, we are pointing out the romantic benefit of running.

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Yes, it keeps you fit and all that but it can also help you call yourself a man. Yes, there are high chances of enjoying a better experience between the sheets if you embrace running as a fitness activity.

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There are many studies which claim that running can surely benefit men both inside and outside the bed room. If you are still wondering how, then read on to know how it helps you become a better lover.


Stamina In Bed

Running enhances your endurance levels. In order to perform well in bed, a man needs endurance. As running is an activity that challenges your heart and boosts your stamina, it helps succeed in the bed room too.


Makes You Feel Good

As running keeps you in shape, it can boost your self esteem and confidence levels. When you feel good about yourself, you can perform well.


Burns Fat And...

Running burns fat. This is very important as a majority of the infertility and impotent cases involve obesity.


Stronger Erections

Men suffering from poor blood circulation fail to achieve erections. As running boosts your circulation, it can prevent erectile dysfunction too.


Increases Appetite

Regular physical activity keeps your appetite in the right levels. Running often can surely help you maintain the right libido levels.


Gives Control

Many studies suggest that people who workout regularly tend to have more control over their bodies. When you are in the bedroom if you are able to control your stamina and performance, you will be able to prevent performance anxiety.



Just because running is good for libido, don't overdo it as many studies also claim that over-training in any form can affect your libido and testosterone levels.