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Never Store These Foods In The Fridge

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Most of us have the habit of placing every food in the fridge. But in fact, some foods don't need refrigeration. And some foods may also ruin or spoil other foods when kept in the fridge.

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And when it comes to foods like onions that have a peculiar odour, they tend to leave a strong smell in the fridge and may even make other foods smell bad.

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Well, the purpose of a fridge is to extend the shelf life of a food. So, some foods that don't need a fridge to last longer can stay outside the fridge. Here are some of those foods.



Store bread in a cool and a dry place instead of the fridge as it may turn stale or becomes hard if you choose to refrigerate it.



Garlic lasts longer if you store it outside the fridge. Ensure that the place has air supply and is dry.



Melons can do well without the fridge. But if you eat a half and wish to store the other half, then you may need the fridge.



Store onions in a place which is dry and has some ventilation. Ensure that the place is a bit dark to avoid sprouting. Don't put them in the fridge as the smell may affect other foods.



If you have a brown bag, store avocados in them. That can slow down the ripening process. If you wish to ripen them then simply place them in any fruit bowl instead of the fridge.



Honey doesn't need refrigeration. So, keep it outside even if it is summer. Use it whenever you want.



Cold tomatoes aren't tasty. Allow them to breathe fresh air and as they tend to be in better shape when they are left in room temperature.

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