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Avoid These 6 Worst Foods: It Helps Control Appetite

Posted By: Lekhaka

When you are hungry but in a rush, everything seems to be good and healthy for you. You might just end up grabbing a glass of juice or picking up some sugar-coated bar from the shop. You must avoid these foods to prevent weight gain.

Snacking on these foods can end you craving for more food than usual. When you consume these foods, it pushes up the sugar level in the body and makes your body crave for another food.

Eating one more snack can double up the fat and lead you with an habit of over-eating. However, here we mention to you few food items that you should avoid to control your appetite and thereby weight gain.


1. Protein Bars

You are assuming that protein bars are healthy and can be taken at any time, right? Loaded with sugar and carbs in it, consuming protein bar in between the breaks can make you crave for something more. Because protein bar is made with artificial flavours, carbs and sugar in it, it leads a person to overeat. If you want to choose consuming protein bars, make sure you gorge on bars that are loaded with nuts, almonds and seeds.


2. Salty Chips

Salty chips are one among those favourite snack items we love to eat while alone. This has been our favourite food to eat in between the breaks or to treat small hunger pangs. These salty chips are not stomach filling and hence, a person ends up consuming the whole bag of chips and still needs lunch after that. Because chips are a combination of salt and unhealthy fats, it makes you crave for something more.


3. Pasta

Who does not love eating pasta? Everyone love to gorge on this Italian cuisine anytime and every time of life. White pasta assumes to be stomach filling but it is not. You might think your stomach is full, but this illusion is just for a few hours after you've had a bowl of white pasta with a variety of sauce. Pasta is extremely rich in fiber and hence it is very important to combine it with veggies that are rich in carbs and proteins. Preparing pasta in a healthy way is always good and it makes you feel complete for a long period of time.


4. Packed Juice

One biggest mistake everyone is guilty of making is drinking juice in between the breaks to keep our stomach filled. We assume that juice keeps our body healthy and avoids us from overeating. Because packed juice has nothing to do with real juice, it is no longer enriched with vitamins, proteins, and carbs. They are loaded with artificial sugar and extract that trigger the hunger after a few minutes of the drink. Instead of packed juice, you should prefer making your own juice at home with freshly picked apples or oranges.


5. Doughnuts

It is extremely difficult to resist a wonderful sugar-coated doughnut in front of you. Doughnuts are just made to satisfy your sweet tooth and it has nothing to do with calories and proteins. It contains simple carbs that get broken down easily, leading to no energy and poor appetite control in the body. This is the main reason you don't feel full after consuming doughnuts. In fact, consuming more amount of doughnuts can promise you to gain some extra calories.


6. Soda

Soda can be delicious and tempting every time, but think twice before picking up a glass of soda in your hand. Soda not only is bad for your hunger, but it proves to be bad on your body as well. Soda diet contains a high amount of artificial sweeteners, which satisfy your sweet tooth but increase your desire to consume more food. Consuming soda can replace your ability to manage and control hunger.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 8, 2016, 16:30 [IST]
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