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8 Reasons Why Women Suddenly Gain Weight

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The percentage of weight gain in women is increasing as we speak. Today, there are around a million people out there, especially women, who are suffering from weight gain.

Due to this sudden increase in weight, these women are suffering from other health ailments too, which include heart attacks and strokes.

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To prevent these other ailments, the only thing a woman can and must do is to watch her weight. Every woman needs to keep a track on what she consumes and the amount of calories that she takes in, as more the number of calories, more the weight gain.

According to health experts, the reason why women also gain excess weight could be due to hormonal imbalance, certain medications that include insulin and birth control pills. If medications have these side effects on your body, it is best to seek medical advice from your family doctor.

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Changing your prescription and consuming pills that does not have a negative impact on your body will do wonders in controlling your weight. So, ladies, we have the reasons for your uncontrollable weight gain.

We think you should take a look at these reasons and get to the bottom of this issue called 'Weight Gain'. Find solutions to your sudden weight gain and seek medical help:


Hormonal Imbalance

With reduced estrogen in the body women tend to gain weight. On the other hand, hormonal imbalance creates a racket in a woman's body in regard to mood swings and cravings which all added together aid in weight gain.



Women undergo a lot of stress when compared to men. Stress is a silent killer, which makes the adrenal glands to produce more of cortisol in the body to beat the stress and this in turns leads to further weight gain.


Poor Eating Habits:

Poor eating habits too lead to a rapid weight gain in women. When you skip a meal, don't for a second think that you will lose weight, instead you will only add to more kilos. On the other hand, eating too much of high-calorie foods can increase in the pounds.



Medications are also another reason for weight gain. According to experts, there are certain medications that have side effects and one of those side effects is weight gain. So, while popping in pills to control depression, diabetes and pregnancy, ask your doctor's advice on the side effects.



After crossing the age of 35 years, a woman's body can be put at risk by the consumption of white foods. White foods contain a lot of calories and sugar; and if on insulin, body cells become resistant to insulin if you still continue to consume these foods.


Being Too Lazy:

Because of low intensity workouts and being less active, women begin to suffer from sudden weight gain. So, always make sure to keep yourself active and healthy, so that your metabolism is always strong and going.


Increased Appetite:

An increased appetite is dangerous for the body. When you begin to eat more foods, you are consuming more amount of calories, which thus makes your body to store all the calories and fat, leading to weight gain.


Due To Ageing:

When you begin to age, the body becomes weaker. You will also lose interest in being physically active, since the body becomes less active. At the same time, the body's metabolism also decreases, thus aiding in a sudden weight gain.

Story first published: Tuesday, April 12, 2016, 7:00 [IST]
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