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Eat Like Your Ancestors To Stay Healthy

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Today we have a peculiar eating pattern. We tend to eat 3 big meals a day. And whenever cravings hit us, we eat snacks. And when we fall ill, we go to the doctor and pop in some pills to get back to our daily routine as fast as possible.

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But if you take a look at the lifestyles of the previous generation you might feel like changing your lifestyle as well. Many centuries ago, human beings never kept on eating several times a day and they were said to be healthier and stronger than us.

Their intake was limited and their physical activity levels were at least 10 times more than any of us. And then they never followed diets or never knew what a gym is.

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And then, they also fasted occasionally to function well. Today, scientists are trying to find whether intermittent fasting could minimise the risk of several chronic health issues. Read on...


Fact #1

Certain studies done on animals indicate that intermittent fasting or eating only in one part of the day could minimise the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart issues. Our ancestors ate more during the evening.


Fact #2

Many studies claim that eating nutritious food but in limited quantities through the method of intermittent fasting could enhance the performance of the brain. Learning and memory could improve.


Fact #3

Our ancestors ate before sunset and slept early. This helped them stay away from midnight snacking and also allowed them enjoy quality sleep.


Fact #4

They ate more of raw foods and ate fewer cooked foods. And they never tasted processed foods.


Fact #5

They aged slowly due to their eating habits and physical activity levels. They never used cosmetics which literally burn the skin.


Fact #6

As they never worked in corporate companies, they seldom faced stress. Today, it isn't possible for us to stop working but it is better to find ways to combat stress levels as it would help us remain healthy.


Fact #7

Our ancestors tried natural remedies first and seldom preferred to go to a doctor. But today, we try to solve all problems with pills!

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