Wondering Why You Are Not Losing Weight?

By: Pooja Kaushal
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A person’s appearance may not reveal everything about his or her personality but it does give a certain impression. And to make a lasting impression it is always beneficial to look one’s best. After all, who does not like a good looking person? A well maintained body with ideal weight always brings praises, no matter what age you are. But one mystery has been a trouble for many; why some people never lose weight!

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Are you one of those troubled by this question? Do you or does someone dear to you face this problem of not being able to lose weight? The reasons why you are not losing weight may be more than one.

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In order to understand the cause, it is important to go into a bit of introspection. You need to take a look at your lifestyle and delve a little deep into your eating habits too. Try considering the following tips. They may help you reach a conclusion as to why you are not losing weight in spite taking serious efforts.


Food Quality:

You might be eating a very small quantity in order to keep your weight within control and yet the scale seems to ignore you. Have you paid attention to what you are eating? It may be a very small quantity but at the same time high in calorie. Just one cupcake for breakfast everyday may be giving you far more calories than a bowl full of whole grain unsweetened cereal with nuts.


Food Quantity:

Eating less does not result into losing weight. On the contrary staying hungry or eating insufficient amounts may force your body to store fat. It could also lead to a host of other problems making it difficult to maintain good health.


Meal Timing:

Why some people never lose weight is because of their irregular or improper meal timings. Breakfast is a must and should be had within one hour of waking up. Dinner timing is crucial because the body needs time to digest the food and burn calories. It is best to have dinner at least two hours before bedtime or else losing weight will become an impossible effort.


Skipping Breakfast:

This is a mistake many people make. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is not only supposed to be had in time but should also be healthy and filling. It should consist of an ideal combination of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. Skipping breakfast often forces people to over-indulge at lunch time laying all grounds for weight gain.


Hidden Culprits:

Do you eat out or frequently go for ready-to-eat packs. The package may say ‘healthy' but is it really healthy? If you run a glance at the ingredient list you will be sure to find things that you would like to avoid. For example, almost every packed food has sugar. Most of the sweet goods contain corn syrup. The zero percent trans-fat may not actually be zero. The best thing to do is eat fresh homemade food cooked from scratch.


Sleep Pattern:

Sleep is often ignored by many but to lose weight, it is important to get proper sleep. While sleeping, the body cells get recharged, food is digested properly, systems are put to rest and you spend less hours eating. The fact cannot be denied that if you stay up late, you tend to snack. This snacking will add on many calories which accumulate in the form of fat.

Why some people never lose weight does not have one answer. It all depends upon individual situations and lifestyles. Try to understand yours and accordingly take measures. A good way to go would be to keep a journal.

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