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Health Facts About The Most Important Meal Of The Day

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How many of you miss the most important meal of the day? I am sure there are a ton! There is a reason why breakfast is called as the most important meal of the day and for one - because your body is taking in food after a whole 8 to 9 hours break. In India, there are a lot of people who opt for delicious treats as breakfasts.

One would usually find flocks of people at a Sagar binging on yummy masala dosas, puffed up puris and of course cotton idilis with mint chutney and sambhar as dips. FOODS YOU SHOULD ELIMINATE FOR BREAKFAST!

Indians love a variety of foods on their table every morning and this gives you a reason to indulge and not waste another moment. When you miss breakfast, you are allowing gas to form in your system, which in turn results to a bloated belly, constipation and uneasiness in the chest and other areas in your body.

Today, Boldsky advices you not to miss breakfast. Here are some of the health facts you should know about this most important meal of the day, take a look:


Cause Your Tummy Is Empty

One of the main reasons why breakfast is necessary is because right through the night, your tummy remains empty. You need food to give you that energy, which is why breakfast should not be skipped.


It Makes You Stressed

If you don't eat breakfast, you will end up being stressed the entire day for no reason. Consuming a good meal will help to boost your mood swings as well as keep you active and happy.


It Balances Your Weight

Consuming a healthy breakfast will help to keep your weight in control. A recent study showed that women who skipped breakfast are usually fat when compared to women who don't skip.


Blood Sugar Levels

When we wake up our blood sugar levels are down, which gives you all the more importance as to why you should consume a healthy breakfast rather than skipping it.


It Will Lead To Thyroid

Strangely, missing this most important meal of the day will affect the thyroid functioning. It is mostly seen in women and the affect if of 6 by 10 on a scale.


Paves Way To Diseases

Missing this most important meal of the day will automatically lead to auto-immune disorders. So, make sure you have a healthy meal filled with carbs, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins.


Say No To.....

It is necessary to add the most important nutrients to your breakfast meal. This first meal of the day should not include tons of coffee and egg white with salad.

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