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Stairs Exercises You Should Do During The Day To Lose Weight

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Climbing a fleet of stairs twice to thrice in the day will reduce your weight in less than a month! Experts have recently stated that climbing stairs and following certain types of stair exercises can trim your thighs, legs and also evenly tone your tummy.

When you climb the stairs, it is important to breathe in deeply and exhale. Also, keep in mind not to apply too much of pressure on your back while you climb as it can hurt your spinal cord and cause damage. Climbing a fleet of stairs twice in the day should be a part of your daily routine as it is also good for your heart.


Stairs Exercises You Should Do During The Day | Stairs Exercises You Should Do For Weight Loss | How Stairs Help In Weight Loss

Here are some of the stair exercises you should follow during the day if you want to stay fit and healthy. Take a look:

Stair Squats - To build your stamina and boost your immunity, begin these set of stair exercises with 15 squats. Do squat training for 20 minutes and then start your complete workout. Lower your hips, stick your back out and bend your knees. Don't forget to breathe in and out.

Stairs Exercises You Should Do During The Day To Lose Weight

Stair Running - The next stair exercise is running. Don't skip any steps while you run to the top. Swing your arms to and fro while you run so that your arms get their fair share of workout as well. Run back down and when you reach the bottom of the staircase, breathe in for 5 minutes and start again.

Stair Lunges - Lunges can be the best exercise to get your hips in shape. Stand on the bottom step and extend your left foot as far as possible and bend the knee. Repeat it with the other foot. Do this stair exercise for the next 12 minutes to get a good set of pins.

Stairs Exercises That Aid In Weight Loss

Stair Push Ups - Since your legs are getting a good workout, don't ignore your upper body. Focus on getting a firm and toned shoulder plus arms. Rest your feet on the stairs and place your palms on the lower stair. Now, push your body upwards. Perform these push ups for the next 10 minutes to get toned arms.

Stair Dips- Stair dips are important for your hips and tummy. To do this exercise, sit on the bottom step and place your hand on the second last step. Now, gently push your body upwards with your hands, lifting your body upwards. Keep your elbow at 90 degrees when you are propped up. This is one of the best stair exercises you can do during the day.

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