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6 Reasons Why Diets Don't Work For You

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Dieting is the first option that everyone who loves to reduce their body weight will try. But, do you think that dieting can cut down your weight significantly? Many people report that diets work for short term; however, it fails to keep the weight under control when followed for a long term.

Dieting means following a healthy food habit that recommends reduced calorie food intake at right times in the right quantity. But, most people think dieting is all about reducing the amount of food intake.

Controlling food and managing a healthy food habit is essential to maintain a healthy weight. But, dieting without considering your health status can never bring you something good. Each person is different, and, therefore, it is important to design unique diet plans for everyone.

However, even after following a strict diet with the recommendation of dietitians, some people fail to reach their goal. This means that there are some special reasons why diets don’t work.

It is important to realise that your physical activity, in the form of physical exertion or exercise, has a great role to play in reducing weight.

Here, we will discuss more about the real reasons why diets don't work.


Not Doing It Right

In most cases, people will start dieting without having any idea about how to do it. There are lot more things to consider than reducing the amount of food that you consume. It is very important to consult a dietitian to make a proper diet plan that suits well to your health condition. Otherwise, you will never get the benefit of dieting.


Genetic Predisposition

If you have a genetic predisposition to be overweight, chances are less that diet can make a significant change in this case. It can be the same for childhood obesity as well.

In such cases, you have to try other methods also, along with the diet, to keep your weight under control. Genetic predisposition is one among the real reasons why diets don't work.


Diet Is For Short-term Effect

Diet can not be a permanent solution for your weight gain problem. Dieting is recommended along with other weight reduction measures like exercise, yoga, medications or surgery. Following a strict diet plan can only give you a temporary effect, but it will not be a permanent solution in the long run.


Damages The Metabolism

Dieting for a long time can damage the normal metabolic processes. This will not go well with the normal metabolic pattern of your body, and thus can lead to many other metabolic diseases. This is one among the real reasons why diets don't work.


Diet Without Physical Activity

When a physically active person can easily reduce his/her weight without following any diet plan, a couch potato will never succeed in losing weight even if he/she tries hard with a strict diet plan.

If you feel that you are not losing weight even after dieting, watch your physical activity.


No Change In Your Core Food Habit

Dieting can give positive results for people who are ready to make a complete change in their lifestyle and food habit. Otherwise, you will always crave for foods that you like the most. This makes it almost impossible for food lovers to follow a strict diet.

Therefore, knowing the reasons why diets don't work can help you to take immediate action plans to correct your mistakes.

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