10 Reasons Why Diet Pills Never Work

By: Pooja Kaushal
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Diet pills – what do we expect these 'magical pills’ to do for us? The very obvious answer is that they help us in losing our weight and achieve a slim body. But, is this really true and to what extent? The internet is buzzing with advertisements of various kinds of diet pills, which claim of success being achieved in cases of common people and celebrities.

This, sadly, is only one side of the coin. What we do not know of are the failures that one encounters when consuming these pills. It may be true that diet pills help bring down weight, but to what extent is a fact we are unaware of.

The end result is not a healthy body that is well toned. On the contrary, it results in an unhealthy body that has been forced to lose weight by putting a lot at stake. And, thus, we can say that diet pills do not really work.

Here, we cite 10 reasons why diet pills never seem to work in a desired manner. There are several underlying reasons as to why diet pills never work. While the consumer is responsible for some, there are others that are the results of the pill itself.


1. Blind Dependence:

If you are taking a diet pill, you assume that you will magically lose all the unwanted fat and transform yourself into a slim and slender you. This stems from a blind faith you happen to have in the pills. Remember, these pills give you best results only when accompanied with a regular exercise regimen.


2. Unchanged Food Habits:

Food is always a culprit when it comes to weight mismanagement. Before you know it, you find yourself tempted by a rich creamy piece of chocolate cake. Just because you are having the diet pills, you may think that an indulgence is fine, as the pill will take care of the situation. You are, sadly, wrong.

This is not the way things work. You too need to curb your cravings and make a conscious effort to lose weight.


3. Lack Of Exercise:

Diet pills may help you to lose weight, curb cravings or give you a feeling of being full faster. But merely depending upon these pills can lead to at least 10 reasons why diet pills can never work. With a lack of exercise, the body will become slack and unenergetic. You might soon feel lazy and unwilling to do your daily work. The slackness leads to a lethargic you, which is not a desirable situation.


4. Unhealthy Lifestyle:

Pop in diet pills but also bring about a change in your lifestyle. Without a turn towards a healthy lifestyle, no amount of diet pills are going to deliver favourable results to you.


5. Short-term Results:

For many people, diet pills come out as a success and soon they flaunt their toned and slim body. But, this happiness could be short lived because the moment they stop taking these diet pills, they may tend to put on more weight.


6. Side Effects:

When the pills enter the body to play around with the hormonal balance and the metabolism of the body, there are bound to be certain side effects. To say that diet pills are successful, in spite of causing an upheaval in the metabolism of the body, would be a wrong statement. This is one of the reasons we can say why diet pills never work, at least not in a favourable manner.


7. Negligence:

When relying on diet pills to lose weight and tone the body, a consumer tends to become a little careless. It is not justified to overindulge, drink and sleep less in such cases.


8. Nutritional Deficiency:

The pills taken for slimming and losing weight work by curbing cravings for food and giving a feeling of fullness, before one feels full. This enables one to eat less than normal. Under such conditions, a person on diet pills tends to suffer from various kinds of deficiencies that can adversely affect the body.


9. After Effects:

One cannot rely on diet pills all the time. At some point or the other, it becomes necessary to stop the consumption of these pills. What happens then? The body more or less tends to swing back to its pre-pill condition bringing all the efforts back to square one.


10. Mood Swings:

When taking pills to control weight, one is not aware that these pills can play around with the hormones in the body. As a result of this, there can be several side effects with one major side effect being mood swings. This could be quite harmful for a person's social life.

Having a slim and toned body is desired by all; however, not all take the same path. The toughest way of losing weight may be through exercising; however, this is the best way to do so, as we saw the 10 reasons why diet pills don't really work. It may be a little challenging, but it is a healthy and sustainable change.

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