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Healthy Tips To Redefine Your Jawline

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The term 'turkey neck' might sound cool but it is unhealthy for one to have fat on the neck. Double chin or the turkey neck is commonly caused due to weight gain, flaccid muscles and age. To prevent turkey neck and to keep the jawline firm and perfect, Boldsky suggests some health tips. The tips mentioned below will redefine the jaw and make the fat disappear in a month.

Facial Exercises For Chubby Cheeks

Experts state that working on the chewing muscles helps get rid of the turkey neck in no time. If one repeats the use of chewing muscles four times a day, the jawline can be redefined. The contraction of facial muscles is also another method to put into practice to achieve a perfectly chiseled jawline.

Likewise, following a healthy and balanced diet along with consuming a good amount of water will aid in weight loss in the neck region.

Facial Exercises To Reshape & Lift Nose

To follow these simple jawline exercises, one needs to be in a relaxed and composed position. Leave the neck loose and relaxed too and do not show any signs of stiffness. Move the head towards the roof or the ceiling in a circular manner to warm up the body.

Take a look at these simple ways to redefine the jawline:


Cut Those Calories

Genetics play a major role in the shape and structure of the face; therefore, losing weight can help one achieve a firmer and perfect jawline.


Make Use Of The Right Products

Opt for good products that help get rid of wrinkles on the neck and the jawline. This is one of the perfect ways to get a chiseled look.


Make Chewing A Habit

Chewing helps make the cheeks firmer and improves the strength of the muscles in the jawline. Chewing also aids in better digestion.



There are plenty of face exercises that help get rid of fat on the neck and the jawline. These exercises target the muscles in your cheeks, the jawline, the muscles around the mouth and the muscles in the neck to tone them.


Hydration Is The Key

Water helps keep the skin hydrated and moist. It also prevents the skin from sagging as one begins to age. So, drink at least 3 litres of water in the day as it is good for the skin.


Sleep Without Pillows

Avoid sleeping on high pillows as it effects the neck and the spinal cord. Sleep without a pillow to avoid multiple health problems.


Yoga Keeps You In Shape

Yoga is the perfect form of exercise for the mind and the body. Practice certain asanas which will help get rid of the neck and chin fat, enabling you to get a perfect and redefined jaw.

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