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5 Red Foods To Increase Male Libido


This is something that most of the men don’t want to talk about to keep the marriage going. When guys lose their libido, it affects their marriage greatly. It is also important to note that men do not lose their libido as commonly as women do.

For this reason, it scares men when this happens. There can be various reasons; the everyday stress can be one of the main reasons for this. Medical conditions and erectile dysfunction can be other causes for this.


Sometimes, a complete medical check-up is required to understand the underlying cause of decreased libido. Recent studies have shown that there are a lot of red foods that can increase libido. This is the most natural way to ensure that there are no side effects. Hence, patience and encouragement is what is needed to make this happen.

If the loss of male libido is due to stress, there are few things that you can try at home. This will include eating red foods to increase libido. If you want to know the different ways on how to increase male libido, here are some red foods to do the trick.



Recent studies have shown that watermelon is best suited for an active night as it contains citruline, which gives the blood vessels Viagra like effects. Therefore, it is one of the red foods to increase libido. This is something that works almost instantly.


Red Pepper

This is one of the red foods that is used to make sex life hotter. Capsaicin, found in the red pepper, makes it hot. It has been proven that this will release chemicals that increase the heart rate and also release endorphins. This chemical is needed by the body for sex drive. Taking red pepper is one of the ways on how to increase male libido.



Studies have shown that there is a connection between the colour red and the sex drive. Strawberries, besides their colour, have been a potential libido booster. Dark chocolate is also known to increase male libido. Strawberries dipped in dark chocolates is one of the best red foods to increase libido.


Red Wine and Meat

One of the ways on how to increase male libido is the consumption of red wine. Wine triggers nitric acid in the blood. This allows the blood arteries to relax and increase blood flow to the genitals. Lean meat also helps in increasing the libido. Red meat and wine are two of the best things that can be used for a good move.



Beans and legumes usually pay off for increasing the male libido. Beans are rich in potassium, which helps to regulate the blood pressure and heart contractions. This is needed when you are sure that your heart will start racing in no time. This is one of the best red foods to increase libido.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 3, 2014, 6:02 [IST]
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