Stay Active To Stop Ageing

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There is no secret to eternal youth and beauty. So lets face it, we all at some point of time are going to age. You may choose to ignore this universally accepted fact now and take notice when the signs of ageing starts appearing. The other option is to take stock now so that you can age gracefully.

If you really want to know the secrets to look younger than you are, then we would suggest you to stay active. You do not need to workout in the gym for hours everyday to stop ageing. Neither you have to do some prescribed anti-ageing exercises. All you have to do is stay active.

Now what do we mean by staying active? It is quite simple actually. The best anti-ageing exercise are the ones that keeps your body in smooth working condition. Here are some routine things that can help you to stay active.

Stay Active

Exercise Balance: The first sign of ageing is loss of balance. When you age, your body looses its sense of balance. So do some simple exercise to improve your balance. Try standing on one leg for 5 minutes everyday. Balance some heavy books on your head to keep your posture right. These simple exercises will give you dividends in your old age.

Bend In Time: If you don't want to look bent up and doubled in your old age then start some bending exercises now. Drop some small items like spoons deliberately and then bend down to pick it up. This will keep your waist is a functional condition. If you don't force yourself to bend then you will be clutching your hip in pain by the time you reach 40.

Carry Weight: You need not lift dumbbells in the gym to strengthen your muscles. But you have to compensate by lifting some moderately heavy weights like groceries, laundry etc. You must never get out of the habit of doing some physical labour or else, your muscles will wither. So picking up your own groceries is the best anti-ageing exercise ever.

Step Up And Down: Never use the lift. Try to take the steps as far as possible, There is another element to this exercise. You must always measure your steps. Practice by placing small objects at equal distances from each other. Now take equal steps while you walk through these objects. This helps you walk in a rhythm and maintain it.

These are few ways to stay active and look younger than your really are. Staying active and happy is the best way to reverse ageing!

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Story first published: Thursday, December 13, 2012, 18:52 [IST]
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