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Diet Which Helps Quit Alcohol

By Sneha Jain
Diet which helps you quit alcohol includes food which is tasty and nutritious. When you diet to quit alcohol you usually crave for sweets, as alcohol contains refined sugar. When you drink alcohol it increases your blood sugar levels. The sugar itself is an addiction. So when you quit your body faces withdrawal symptoms which makes you crave for sweets, causes headache and depression. However balancing your diet can help you overcome this problem.

A Diet That Works

Sugar Cravings- When you quit alcohol you crave for sugar. Then try natural alternatives to satisfy your sweet craving. Foods like dates, semi moist dry fruits and frozen bananas. Try adding these food in your diet for alcohol. There are certain foods you must avoid; they are refined white sugar, instant rice, baked potatoes, raisins and white flour.

Vitamins And Minerals- When you diet to quit alcohol vitamins are of great help. When you quit alcohol and reduce your sugar addiction you face withdrawal symptoms. Then to satisfy your cravings add foods with vitamin E, B, chromium and ginseng. Certain herbs rich with vitamins are coriander and cinnamon. Diet for alcohol comprises of foods like chilli peppers, eggs, leafy green vegetables, poultry and meats. These foods are rich in vitamin B. Chromium rich foods are brain cereals, tomatoes, onions, whole grains and oysters.

Prevent Alcohol Craving- Alcohol cravings are due to an unhealthy diet with loads of sugar and carbohydrates. This is turn causes our blood sugar levels to rise. After some time your blood sugar levels plunges and lowers your energy, causes stress and alcohol cravings. So the best diet for alcohol addicts is to consume food which gives a slow rise to blood sugar levels. Some of these foods are

  • Yam
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Plums
  • Cherries

Alcohol Addiction Prevented By Raw Foods
- What alcohol does to your body? It reduces vitamin B1. So vitamin supplements can be very beneficial to reduce alcohol addiction. Diet that works for alcoholics usually comprises of raw foods which contain vital nutrients. Raw foods like legumes, sea foods, pork, beef whole grains and green vegetables are very beneficial to quit alcohol.

Water- It is a very important ingredient to battle alcohol addiction. Consume 8 glasses of water as a substitute for the lost water as this is an essential diet for alcohol. This also helps to maintain a healthy body system.

Other Ways To Prevent Alcohol Addiction
- Do not keep alcohol at home as it will make you crave more. Choose healthy options and beverages like natural fruit drinks. After some time your craving for alcohol subsides. Remember that 'anything which is out of sight is out of mind'. Do not skip meals and don't give in to any temptation that makes you sick and unhealthy.

Story first published: Tuesday, March 20, 2012, 12:26 [IST]
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