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Kristen Stewart's Diet & Fitness Secrets

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You would think that Kristen Stewart's diet would have been just as popular as the star herself. All those diet freaks who were expecting clear soup and salad recipes, sorry to disappoint you but this celebrity's diet is painfully normal. She is the highest paid actress in Hollywood so she does have to watch her weight despite her 'normal' eating habits. Especially with the supernaturally slender vampire's role up her sleeve in Breaking Dawn Part 2, some diet secrets were bound to be unknown under that glorious body.

Kristen Stewart's Diet Secrets:

1. It has been revealed from some of her interviews that Kristen Stewart has a great fondness for Mexican food. So, we can surely assume that her diet secrets include some really low fat Mexican gourmet dishes. The Mexican Tortilla soup that she prepared on the television show has been blown totally out of proportion but it is a healthy option of the same.

2. Kristen Stewart's diet for Breaking Dawn Part 2 excluded some of her favourite indulgences. She swears by her love for pies and cheese filled heavenly pastas. Her 'normal' eating at one point of time (during the last few Twilight series) included gorging on splendid Italian pastas. Sure can't see all that cheese from her slim figure. I guess its a huge blessing being 22!

3. Coming to the real secrets of this Celebrity's diet; she has cut down on her beloved butter and red meat. Kristen Stewart's diet at the moment contains nothing more spectacular than less butter on bread and lean meat instead of the juicy meat pies she loves. Eating 'lighter' could actually be as simple as that.

4. Dieting might be enough to maintain a good body but to keep flab at bay, you must work out. Kristen Stewart's exercise regime is just 'un'-extraordinary. The girl has no liking for hours of training in the gym. Horse riding is her favourite workout. As she hails from California and has a huge family farm, riding a stallion is a viable option for her.

5. She is a very competent swimmer and a brilliant dancer. Naturally hobbies like that helps Kristen Stewart manage her weight and figure. Whenever she needs a bit of extra help, she falls back on yoga.

Kristen Stewart's diet is absolutely doable but you need to be in your early 20's to make it work for you. If you are 25 plus, seek out a more viable celeb buddy for fitness like Angelina Jolie or Madonna.

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Story first published: Friday, June 22, 2012, 12:22 [IST]
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