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French Diet: How To Make It Work For You?

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French Diet
French women have dainty waists in spite of gorging on their wine and cheese. It is an enigma and also a cause of heart burn for women across the world who diet to lose weight fast but cannot shed those pounds. The French diet is no more a secret now but how you can make it work for you still is. The secret lies in understanding the French style of eating. Just stuffing your menu with French foods will not make you lose weight.

To benefit fully from the French diet you must make special lifestyle changes apart from changing your eating habits.

Ways To Make French Diet Work:

1. What Do The French Eat? Surprising they eat all the fattening foods in the world. No real French meal is complete without a piece of special cheese that has unpronounceable French name and wine that is the soul of French culture. They eat baguette, cavier and all the other delicacies the calorie count's of which will make us flinch. Yet they are e a country of slim people and we are starving yet bursting at the brims!

2. How Much Do They Eat? Now you are asking the right questions. The French will never eat more than one piece of cheese at a time. We on the other hand diet to lose weight fast and then give in one day to eat a whole bar of cheese! Eating small portions of whatever you are eating works and when you like what you are eating it becomes easy to keep the portions small.

3. Why Fatty Food Is Still Healthy? Simply because all the foods that they eat are natural and of very high food value. They are not eating any junk food that has no goodness of nature in it. The foods may be fattening but they are nutritious because they do not have trans fats.

4. What Is the Funda Behind The French Diet: The philosophy is quite simple. When you diet to lose weight fast, you are denying yourself foods that you really want to eat. So that sense of deprivation will give way to binge eating once in a while and negate the effect of dieting. It is much better to eat all good foods that you like but in a restrained way to cut down calories.

5. Is That All: Of course not. You cannot make this style of eating work without adopting the French lifestyle changes too. While we hail a cab for small distances, they walk to their work place that is 3 or 4 blocks away. Walking is the most basic physical activity and it is all but missing from our daily schedules. Try to do the little things like taking the stairs, walking that extra mile etc. to get in shape.

French diet is one of the diets that work and sustain as long as you know how to make it work.

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Story first published: Friday, March 16, 2012, 12:04 [IST]
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